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Baselworld 2019: another list of watches of the event

Baselworld 2019 is almost over however it still managed to bring out a couple of novelties regarding innovations for watchmaking brands. Today we’re showing you a new list of new watches you can definitely look out for starting now!


Watch Winders Ebook	Boca do Lobo

For Baselworld 2019, Angelus brought in a black edition of the U50 (note: the original version is sold out) and also the new U-51 Diver Tourbillon in Ti. It’s a wonderful combination of blue and orange in a sporty watch.


Graff is struggling to raise awareness regarding some of the planet’s most endangered species, so in Baselworld 2019 they’ve tackled the issue with the GyroGraff Endangered Species. What’s so special about this collection? The fact that in the dial the watches depict intricate mosaics of an elephant, tiger, panda, gorilla or rhino. Truly a work of artistic excellence!


Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Gyrotourbillon has definitely been considered one of Baselworld 2019’s most impressive entries. The Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel is a big hit for the brand, see as it combines some of the most celebrated complications in watchmaking throughout the years into just one single movement. As Catherine Renier, CEO of  Jaeger-LeCoultre puts it:

“Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been at the forefront of innovation and in watchmaking… High-watchmaking is really our heart”

Lang & Heyne

Lang & Heyne introduced an extension to the Georg watch for Baselworld 2019! It has a galvanic black dial on silver and it’s an edition available in rose gold and platinum.

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The latest model unveiled by Garrick is their new Series 2 complete with an engine-turned engine dial. This is a good example of a brand that makes 90% of their watches in the house. Andreas Strehler is one of the people responsible for all of the details in the watches of this brand.

Jacob & CO and Bugatti

Jacob & Co is another of many brands at Baselworld 2019 that definitely took the event as an opportunity to celebrate a special occasion. In a partnership with Bugatti, they’ve created an Epic Bugatti watch made in forged carbon over a black DLC Ti base case and with a lovely depiction of the French flag as a celebration of their 110th birthday. Then there’s the Twin Turbo Furious with a new blue scheme that tells it apart from the standard Twin Turbo Furious.

In a completely different style is their Astronomia Maestro, featuring a triple-axis tourbillon flying with a new cage design. It’s equipped with moon phase and date that are exhibited in a true astronomical fashion. Another unique entry in visual terms for Baseworld 2019!

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer came in strongly with their Autavia collection showing that it will be a perfect example of how the company is using their past products as a blueprint for their future entries. The multiple entries include watches respectively made from black ceramic, blue ceramic or stainless steel all of whom emphasize the sporty style of the watches in this range. Two of the watches of the group are particularly interesting from a visual perspective seen as they are made with smoked green and brown dial colours respectively.


Sinn brought is a couple of novelties for Baselworld 2019, however, the highlight goes to the new 6012 Rose Gold Anniversary, launched as a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the original Frankfurt Financial District. It features a full calendar with moon phases included.

Claude Meylan

For Baselworld 2019 Claude Meylan came in with the interesting new concept of The Tortue Point de Sable. With a dial engraved by Philippe Nabel, it’s beautifully well accomplished showing a lake, a boat, the mountains in the distance and some shimmering waves. This is definitely one of the most visually stunning entries for Baselworld 2019!


For Baselworld 2019 Tutima brought in a couple of novelties, among them an extension of their Patria and Flieger. In the case of the first product, we have a lovely watch available with either an Admiral blue cold enamel dial and a grey dial. The second example has a stunning  Night Green dial as well as a 41mm SS case in bracelet or strap on a base ETA.


Grönefeld introduced a new tourbillon for this edition of Baselworld 2019. This is the stunning new calibre for the Grönefeld 10th Anniversary – Decennium, complete with a slate grey dial in solid silver.

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Itay Noy

At Baselworld 2019 Itay Noy introduced the Reorder. This product comes off as an attempt to rethink the watch dial as we know it by splitting it into analogue and “digital” sections. While the set of hands in the centre of the dial indicate the time, the numeric windows cut into the watch face fill up according to the respective hour.


The Atlas GMT is Monta’s strong introduction to Baselworld 2019. Aside from being water resistance in 150 meters, it’s at the same level as Skyquest (another of the brand’s entries for the event) when it comes to giving you three time zones in a dive-ready body.


The Sub 200 130th Anniversary Edition from Doxa is a motive for a celebration indeed at Baselworld 2019! It’s very vintage in its design though it carries that feel of modernity reflective of Doxa’s current style. Not to mention the fact that it’s water-resistant at 200 meters!

Porsche Design

The new Globetimer UTC is a good example of how Porsche Design can definitely stand on its own despite having potential partnerships with Orfina and IWC. This new model unveiled at Baselworld 2019 is made with a travelling audience in mind. This watch is in three dial colours in titanium or with a black dial in solid yellow gold.


Lastly, we have a lovely update from a classic from the 60s with the new Zodiac Aerospace GMT. Slightly larger than the original model, however, all of the classic traits were kept in this new edition.


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