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Five gemstone brands you can see in Baselworld 2019

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We bet you’re looking forward to Baselworld 2019, so we’ve decided to prepare for you yet another brands’ list, this time focused on gemstones. If you love glancing at the wonder of well-crafted precious stones then we have five names that are definitely going to make your eyes sparkle in wonder.

A. Kleiman & Co

Five gemstone brands you can see in Baselworld 2019

Present in the market for 35 years, A. Kleiman & Co. are known for being a brand that provides excellent quality when it comes to providing the very finest gemstones you can find on the current market. They are specialized in several types of gemstones, among them sapphires, rubies, emeralds, Alexandrites, and many rarer gemstones found all around the world.

Constantin Wild

Five gemstone brands you can see in Baselworld 2019

Existing for over 170 years, Constantin Wild has managed to build a very solid legacy when it comes to offering top-class gemstones.  At Baselworld 2019, they are set to present some of their most marking gemstones ever, among them the collections “Great Temptations”, “more than just rare”, “Beauty is it!”, and many others.

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Paul Wild OHG

Five gemstone brands you can see in Baselworld 2019

Paul Wild’s products are best defined as wonderful products of color, crafted by some of the best artisans from Germany. They provide a lot of styles of stones, such as ruby, sapphire and emerald and even some other rare wonders, among them tsavorite, tanzanite, spinel, demantoid, Mandarin garnet, etc. Their goal is to inspire many world-leading jewelry design companies to create some extraordinary jewels with a little touch of their own crafts.

Dany Avlas Diamonds

With over 40 years of experience in the market, this brand is one of the main leaders when it comes to brands that supply the highest quality fancy cut diamonds. Aside from providing a variety of valuable and rare gemstones, Avlas Diamonds have high-quality standards when it comes to the treatment of their precious gemstones always providing a quality service.

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Panjshir Valley Emeralds

Lastly, we have Panjshir, a brand that makes many people glance in amazement at their emeralds with a beautiful and legendary color as well as an award-winning cutting and treatment. The emeralds are customizable through an inventory the brand has for the customers.


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