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Baselworld 2019: a couple of novelties from jewellery brands 


Baselworld 2019 has brought in a couple of novelties regarding watch brands… but what about jewellery? Don’t worry: we have a couple of highlights for you!

Tirisi Moda

Baselworld 2019: a couple of novelties from jewellery brands 

The “Zyp Collection”, introduced at Baselworld 2019 is exactly what you think it is: a set of jewellery pieces inspired by the zipper. Tirisi Moda introduced the zipper into the world of jewellery by introducing a collection which features a necklace as well as a collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Al Coro

To celebrate the twenty years of the launching and success of the Mezzaluna collection, Al Coro advanced with the Limited Black Moon Edition in Baselworld 2019, this time in a new limited edition of 20 pieces all of whom allusive to the moon and its phases.

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Kimberlite Diamond

There were many special occasions celebrated at Baselworld 2019, among them Kimberlite Diamond’s 24th anniversary with the launch of the brand new jewellery collection ‘Beauty of Seasonality’. It consists of four necklaces allusive to the seasons of the year: Spring Harmony, Summer Esprit, Autumn Harvest and Winter Tranquillity.

Yafa Signed Jewels

Yafa Signed Jewels have been busy during all of the days of Baselworld 2019, with many vintage pieces shown during the event. The pieces from this brand are very allusive to other vintage pieces of jewellery, having as examples pieces such as an iconic Cartier tiger brooch, a David Webb brooch made of 18-karat gold, a Bulgari 18-karat gold Serpenti snake watch among others.

Aaron Shum Jewelry

Coronet, which consists of a signature Swiss brand of Aaron Shum Jewelry, had a very special award handed to them: it’s their 9th Guinness World Record prize for ‘the most diamonds set on a watch’. The said watch consists of the ‘Mudan’ watch, which features 15,858 diamonds (400 ct.) set in 18k gold.

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The Brave Star solitaire ring managed to raise some eyebrows at Baselworld 2019! This simple yet elegant ring from Gellner consists of a filigree construction that combines ionised steel with 750 pink gold. This particular piece is the main highlight of Gellner’s new ‘Star’ line, proving that this brand “still has it” when it comes to creating amazing crafted jewels from the finest pearls and precious stones-



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