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Baselworld 2019: the top 7 jewelry brands you can’t miss!


Baselworld 2019 is coming closer with a promising new premise as well as to do annually what they do best: showcase the best trends in luxury watches and jewelry! Our top 7 of today goes to the latter, so keep an eye out for some of the top gems!

Roberto Coin

Baselworld 2019: the top 7 jewelry brands you can't miss!

Roberto Coin is still regarded as one of the top references when it comes to the finest handmade jewelry made from diamonds and other colored gemstones. Many of this brand’s creations are considered to be true art pieces till this day.


Baselworld 2019: the top 7 jewelry brands you can't miss!

MIMI is an Italian brand that produces the style of jewelry many wone dreams about. The jewels come in many formats and styles, be them Romantic or sensual, poetic or rock, urban or wild, they always have that special touch of luxury.

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Aguilar de Dios

Created in 1870, Aguilar de Dios is to this day the most extensive commercial jewelry collection for volume users. Among their collections, we can find earrings, pendants, rings, and crosses all made in  19, 18, 14 and 9 CT gold and adorned with stones, zirconias, diamonds or cultured pearls.


Created in 1973 this brand is is another example of specialization in the crafting of the latest diamond and stone jewels. Their products are minimalistic, yet effective in elegance.


This is another example of a brand born in the 70s that has managed to establish itself as a leading jewelry manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Producing both jewelry and watches this is a good example of a company that specialized itself in OEM manufacturing. Their most relevant markets are the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa, S. America, the Middle East, and Asia.


We have yet another example to prove how strong the Asian market is becoming even in jewelry. Sun Tak Hop launches ranges of innovative goods with a unique design to them as well as combining fashionable and colorful combinations into their jewels.

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Yoko London

Lastly, we have Yoko London, a brand famous for its take on pearl jewelry. This is another of many examples of a brand that works as a family run business that uses some unique pearls in their works, many of which are available in rare natural colors and exceptional sizes. They count with the skill and help of some skillful craftsmen who can make pieces of many styles, from contemporary to classical and timeless.


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