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Normann Copenhagen has some artistic new collections in catalog


Normann Copenhagen exhibited a couple of their classics for Milan Design Week 2019 along with some novelties during the venue of Superstudio Più. The group has presented more than one design piece in both furniture and art categories so today we’re taking a little look at some of their main novelties.

This set consists of a set titled Normann x Brask Art Collection and it was created with the cooperation of ten artists with the goal of creating a set that would represent the intersection between art and design. The main names which have cooperated to this collection by Normann Copenhagen are Anton Munar, Greg Bogin, Gudrun Hasle, Graham Collins, Ryan Schneider, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Mira Dancy, Roma Manikhin, Tony Matelli, and Vincent Dermody.

Normann Copenhagen has some artistic new collections in catalog

This set was created as a celebration of Normann Copenhagen’s 20th anniversary and it’s another example of one of the most eccentric and playful projects that the brand has ever been involved in. The main purpose behind the Normann x Brask Art Collection is to task the visitors with a reflective challenge of rethinking how people usually perceive and experience functional design. Up next are some of the top examples of some of the resulting products of this initiative.

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This is one of the three mirrors by Greg Bogin, which consist of a fusion of loud minimalist expressions and electric colours. All of the mirrors embrace the same bubbly mode of expression, while at the same time being unique in shape, size and colour. All of the three have playful silhouettes that brim with happiness.

Normann Copenhagen has some artistic new collections in catalog

The Graham Collins’ table is special in a way that features an irregular angular frame of solid oak, while its legs galore “give the impression of a creature about to wander off” according to the words of Normann Copenhagen. This table is made of the same materials as Graham’s ’tinted monochromes’ series, except this time it was reconfigured into a simple yet functional piece of furniture.

Anton Munar achieved this rug simply by transforming the innate qualities of pencil drawing and watercolour into the design of an expressive weave. His artistic manner attains a tactile dimension in this rug, being presented as both a piece of furniture as well as an abstract piece of art.

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Above we have the example of one of the three vases by Vincent Dermody. These curious looking elements are presented as being variants of his distinguished ‘Memory Jug’. As a matter of fact, these objects were made using the same technique of sculptural collage that same series. According to Normann Copenhagen, this group of vases also serves to create a surreal scrapbook of the artists’ dreams and anxieties.

Roma Manikhin created these three products seen above in order to give a response to a world that is “too serious and short in humour”. In the cards, there is a burlesque circus of 54 seductive acts, while the candlestick, while the two candlesticks draw heavy inspiration from the styles of 20th century Italian design.

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Lastly, we present you this platter in which a sheep’s head rests. The depicted animal’s eyes are narrowed, and its tongue is hanging limply over the edge. This imposing work of ceramic appears with both violence and sentiment. At the same time, it manages to pass off as a reference to the ancient Incas, an ancient tribe who had as one of their customs the habit of decorating their ceramics with animal figurines.


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