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Know more about “Crepuscule” by Studio Valentin Dubois


Valentin Dubois is a French interior designer, who was trained at HEAD-Genève and at the Design Academy Eindhoven and who is currently living and working at Geneve. During Milan Design Week he presented Crepuscule, a lighting exhibition done in collaboration with Vincent Breed.

Know more about "Crepuscule" by Studio Valentin Dubois

Crepuscule involves both an accomplishment in lighting and glasswork by Valentin Dubois. This consists of a hanging lamp, which is made to be placed above the bed. The lamp is made in blown glass water and metal, a combination of elements which make this pendant lamp act as a screen on which light comes alive and reveals itself.

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However, there’s more to the lamp by Valentin Dubois that what may meet the eye at first sight.  Within the lamp, the steam condenses, making water drops onto the liquid surface below, alternating the quality of the light that bathes the space. This creates a unique poetic environment that influences the rest of the ambiance felt around the room helping people to fall asleep easier.

Valentin Dubois is no stranger to the Swiss design panorama, has been well-known as having studied in Geneva, where he currently lives and works as well. Through his studio, he was involved in a series of projects involving decoration, space planning and a series of scenography projects for several institutions and private customers in Switzerland, and abroad.

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He’s also known for having a deep involvement with Switzerland, not only due to the fact that he created a life there but also because of his participation in more than one design initiative in the country. For example, Valentin Dubois won the public prize for the interpretation of a dining room during the 3rd Design Parade in Toulon / Villa Noailles, was one of the main responsible for the design of one of the spaces of the Swiss Pavilion as an invitation from curator Charlotte Laubard and also works an assistant in the interior design department of HEAD-Geneva.

However, the merit of the quality of Crepuscule also goes to Valentin Dubois’ partner Vincent Breed. He’s a contemporary artist resident in Lyon, who specializes in the creation of blown glass artworks. Being very notable for his take on tablework, as well as a designed luminary, always trying to give his works a poetic touch to them that it’s definitely noticeable in the case of Crepuscule.


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