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A look into the curious new collection by Miniforms


Miniforms is an Italian brand that presents many of its furniture products with a colourful and vibrant attitude, making them stand out for its unique design concept. During Milan Design Week 2019 they’ve presented a couple of new furniture products with an artistic touch to them, and today we’re showing you some of their best novelties.

A look into the curious new collection by Miniforms

Among their highlights, there are the Botera armchairs. Best defined by their soft and round shapes (like a work by Botero), they also have their structure made in wood and fire-retardant upholstered in Class 1IM. The chairs are available in two different heights and sizes and can be adorned by different types of fabrics, such as Kvadrat Maharam Merit or Esedra Tricot.

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Then there’s also Mitilo, defined by Miniforms as a “sofa and armchair family”. This is a good example of an eclectic piece that can perfectly fit both in public and private spaces. One of its more notable features is the joint between the frame and its deep seat, which guarantees maximum comfort.

Next, we come to the area of tables starting with Barry. This is a table with an interesting design with metal lacquered in the legs, while the top can be customizable in lacquered finish, Canaletto walnut, Flamed oak, Vintage Oak, Black ash, Ceramic or Palladio Moro marble. One could say it has a design that’s both subtle and extremely dynamic.

Net up on the table list is Juice, a monumental table, with a wide and iconic basement reminiscent of a juicer. This piece has a top available in oval or round shapes, as well as made in wooden finishes such as Canaletto walnut, Flamed oak, Vintage oak and Black ash or Ceramic top.

The next example is Jumbo by Paolo Cappello. It consists essentially of a writing desk that can be available in natural ash or black ash, with detail in matt copper or black lacquer. This is the perfect example of a piece that could fit perfectly in a hotel room as well as in a contemporary home office.

Miniforms also developed more than one interesting set of coffee tables. Among them, we have Chap by  Matteo Zorzenoni. This product consists of a pair of coffee-tables that can be produced entirely in Palladio Moro marble or in European Grey glass, having as a common element a central leg in Amber glass.

Next is Kolos, and here we have yet another pair. Both tables are made entirely of glazed ceramic, a material that ends up giving each piece an authentic and original artistic value and a shiny look. There’s also the Ringo tables by Matteo Zorzenoni that effectively combine Palladio Moro marble with black ash and have a top available entirely in Canaletto walnut.

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Lastly, we come to Miniforms novelty when it comes to lighting products: the Ozz lamp by Paolo Cappello with Simone Sabatti. It’s a lack lacquered floor lamp with a natural or black ashtray available in two different heights, ideal for either the living room or as a bedside table.


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