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Artemide: a brand that makes lighting look and feel like art


Artemide comes off as a good example of a lighting brand that has strived for 60 years in the lighting department. They were one of the top presences at Euroluce 2019 in Milan and today we’re taking a little look behind some of the lighting products that have a certain art behind them.

Artemide has been known as a brand that has managed to seal its reputation as one of the top lighting brands currently present at this market. This brand has had many innovative lighting designs resulting from cooperations with names such as Atelier Oi, BIG, Sonia Calzoni, Fratelli Campana, Neri&Hu, Davide Oppizzi, Palomba and Serafini, as well as Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Ernesto Gismondi.

In their own words, there’s a certain  “science” closely linked to the “téchne” applied to each of their products. It’s possible to make an item of furniture or lighting object feel practical and artistic at the same time, so we will now proceed to show you a couple of examples of some of their more unique and artistic works in lighting

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Artemide: a brand that makes lighting look and feel like art

The Gople lamp looks and feels like a lamp meant to reconcile human spaces and nature through light. It consists of a lamp covered by a mouth-blown glass produced through an ancient Venetian technique. Not only does it look wonderful in a garden or a space with plants, but it should also be placed beside those living beings, seen as the RWB light technology helps them grow.

Huara is the aymarà word for “star” and it consists of a product that is heavily inspired by the light of the stars that illuminated the nights before lamps were even created. Its spheric shape and warm light are celestial on its own, illuminating any room in the style of the stars.

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Interweave is a unique concept visually and soundly due to the line of light passing around the cylinders and also due to the fact that you can control this product through the Alexa voice control. The multiplicity of cuts in the cylinders leaves allows for free different positions to shape the diffusing light element. Scenographic in designing its shape through the light, it develops functional and comfortable lighting.

Irupè is a suspension and a floor lamp that interacts with the surrounding environment. The delicate texture that incorporates the ribbing of the Victoria Amazonica leaf becomes the element that extracts the light, generating a diffused emission. This product also comes with a light control that combined with the previous topic makes it a magical and surprising effect, perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Lastly, we have Vitruvio which consists of three metal rods which were introduced into the sphere by means of an ingenious mechanism that was heavily inspired by the clockmaking art. With this, a frame was created that supports the glass globe. Vitruvio combines tradition and innovation, the old savoir-faire of the glass-blowing art approached with a future-oriented technological outlook.


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