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Have a look into Flos’ products by top renowned designers


Flos is a brand known for having cooperated with many top designers for a couple of years now and the brand still holds those contacts close. Today we’re taking a little look at some of their top lighting products that were created by top renowned designers.

Among some of the top names that we can point that have cooperated with Flos, we can enumerate the likes of Patricia Urquiola, Antonio Citterio, Mario Bellini, Nendo, among many other names that you’re about to see enumerated here. Have a look at some of the most original lighting creations that came to be from its many partnerships throughout the years.

A.P.G.Castiglioni – Bulbo

Have a look into Flos' products by top renowned designers

This lamp was designed in 1957 for an installation at the 11th Triennale in Milan. The new 2019 edition by Flos reproduces this filament in tungsten with an LED source. With this, they successfully preserve exactly the same very warm, comfortable temperature of the light as the original.

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Mario Bellini – Chihara

The Chiara lamp, designed in 1969, was simply a sheet of aluminum, cut and rolled into a cylinder. It provided light thanks to a source (LED in the re-edition) placed on the floor and hidden by the structure. The light it provides is reflected and diffused by a huge ‘hat’ that looks like a nun’s wimple and veil. However, the 2019 re-edition comes in a family of two models (standard and table) in different finishes (stainless steel in polished, matte bronze or polished black versions).

Philippe Starck – InVitro

The InVitro lamp results of a collaboration with renowned designer Philippe Starck. The designer defines this creation in the following statement taken from his home page:

“(…) It is both poetic and surrealistic idea of dematerialized architectural lighting and the memory of the space occupied by the light”

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Michael Anastassiades – Coordinates and My Circuits

Lastly, we have two series created by Michael Anastassiades. The first one is ‘Coordinates’ which consists of a lighting system of horizontal and vertical strip lights that form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities. These products can easily adapt to different environments of varying scale.

Then we have My Circuit which can be best defined as a decorative lighting track system that provides versatile illumination solutions for interiors. These lighting products are made from simple combinations of individual curved and linear sections. The tracks are surface mounted, allowing the owner to elegantly transfer the lighting power to different parts of the room simply by making a drawing gesture.


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