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The Best Yacht Trends seen at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

The Monaco Yacht Show and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show are two of the biggest design events for the yachting industry. Having the 19th Monaco Yacht Show wrapped up its latest edition, Basel Shows brings you some highlights of the latest news and trends of the Superyacht Market.

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The Best Yacht Trends seen at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

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Superyachts are getting greener – Sustainability is one of the biggest trends

The Best Yacht Trends seen at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Superyachts of the future: bigger and greener. Sustainability has become a hot topic in the yachting world, with many superyachts developing innovative solutions to help reduce their environmental footprint. Savannah, an 84m Feadship, was billed as the first hybrid superyacht with a single-engine, three generators and a combined total of approximately one megawatt-worth of batteries. Black Pearl, the 107m sailing yacht from Oceanco, meanwhile, uses special shaft generators which create free electricity by allowing the propellers to turn when the yacht is under sail. Fuel cells are also gaining momentum, with Italian shipyard VSY developing a concept powered by hydrogen fuel technology, together with renowned designer Espen Oeino, Siemens and Lloyds Register.

The Trend of Pushing the Envelope

The Best Yacht Trends seen at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Visit a superyacht designer or builder and you’ll see evidence of the forward-thinking innovations that set the industry apart. From exhausts to engines, the design, manufacturing and engineering required on modern superyachts are uniquely complex. Many innovations come courtesy of the vision of a single owner who is prepared to pay the price of investing in the future well before the wider market.

Then there is the incredible attention to detail. Intricate and unique joinery and carpentry, metalwork, marquetry, paintwork and countless other disciplines give superyachts an unrivalled degree of sophistication. Craftsmanship is kept alive in these fields that might otherwise be relegated to history. Thousands of highly skilled men and women are employed at superyacht yards around the world, many of them from families that have worked there for generations.

The Trend For Explorer Yachts

The Best Yacht Trends seen at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

The appeal of visiting the far corners of the earth from the comfort of a superyacht has proven alluring for many. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of explorer superyachts. This particular breed of a superyacht is designed to travel long distances in extreme conditions. Think reinforced hulls (sometimes ice-class), more crew quarters, ecological waste units and the ability to travel far at sustained speeds.

Most explorer yachts are kitted out with all the high-level amenities normally associated with a superyacht – so that after a day’s heli-skiing, iceberg hiking or diving – guests can return to the spa for a massage or warm up with a hot chocolate and a movie. For superyacht owners with a go-anywhere mindset, an explorer yacht is the best way to experience the most undiscovered parts of the world in comfort.

Philanthropy – The Trend

The Best Yacht Trends seen at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Superyacht owners are increasingly concerned about the environmental health of the oceans. Many regularly collect data for environmental organisations. To help facilitate this, the International Seakeepers Society connects owners with scientists, allowing them to use yachts as platforms for marine research.

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