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Extravagant Yacht Design – Find more about Achille Salvagni’s art work

Achille SalvagniExtravagant Yacht Design – Find more about Achille Salvagni’s art work – Achille Salvagni has gained worldwide recognition for his award-winning luxury residences and super-yachts. He is a great lover of beauty in all its forms, is passionate about history and is a connoisseur of design.

Discover some of his finnest designs and get inspired!

Achille Salvagni was born in Rome in 1970. He is the founder of Achille Salvagni Architetti, an architecture and design company, based in Rome, that focus in luxury residential projects and interior super yacht design.

In 2013, besides his architectural practise, he founded Achile Salvagni Atelier, a limited edition furniture and lighting studio. Following the success of the Ateliers in Italy and USA, Salvagni also opened a new atelier at 12 Grafton Street in Mayfair, in London to showcase his latest fine creations.

Achille SalvagniThe Salvagni name has recently been linked with a slew of megayachts but  his yachting career is not from now, he started a long time ago. He was ushered in the front door of the megayacht world in 2011 when he penned the interiors for the 70-metre Rossinavi Numptia which left his mark on modern yachting.

He followed up that triumph with interiors for Aurora and Endeavour II, a 49 and a 50-metre, also for Rossinavi.

Achille Salvagni



Achille SalvagniIn 2019, Salvagni finished the craft of the Azimut’s Grande series’s interiors and the yard has entrusted him with relaunching not just the range but the whole concept of what a production boat is.

In the Azimut’s suite, Achille Salvagni adorns the space with two luxury furniture pieces: a custom lacquered wood-and-brass desk and a chair in a Dedar fabric.

Achille Salvagni

Achille Salvagni

BRABBU upholstery Malay chair

His approach continues to eschew pure decoration and focuses instead on spatial composition: fluid surfaces detach from the walls to form an independent system, using spatial elements that flow seamlessly while nevertheless establishing distinct volumes.

To Salvagni, design is something that leaves an mark or message on the object and that influences people’s lives.

He explains:

“Artistic expression can’t worry about the reaction it will elicit from the viewer. But technical expression is entirely about function. Design, on the other hand, has to take both into account and influences both use and sensual pleasure as well as impacting perceptively on our soul and the quality of our lives. So it’s a big responsibility!”

The secret of Achille Salvagni’s success lies both in this sense of responsibility towards the people who will be experiencing his creations and also his approach to history. Salvagni offers a high level of personal service, coupled with the finest italian artisans work and using only the most exceptional materials.

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