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Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts – Sailing has come a long way since Jack Sparrow crossed the Seven Seas – although, I have to admit, it might have been fun to act all crazy and experience the world alongside the world’s most famous pirate.

Nowadays, things are way more refined and comfortable, without Her Majesty’s Navy following you from one port to another, as shipyards from all over the world compete to deliver the most outrageous, innovative and luxurious vessels on the planet. Here are 10 of the best superyachts unveiled this year!


Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

Hareide Design’s 108-metre Concept

Hareide Design, a Swedish design studio led by Einar Hareide, former design director at SAAB Automobile, came up with this incredible take on modern superyachts. A futuristic hybrid concept, featuring natural design elements, like flowing wood and greenery, and a totally unique shape, this vessel could be easily considered a work of art.

300 square meters of high-efficiency solar panels provide the ship with sustainable energy, while the helicopter landing pad is there for you, just in case you’re in a hurry. There’s also an elevated dining and viewing area, a 20-meter pool and many other interesting details which will surely make your cruising experience unforgettable.


Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

Ascendance by Andy Waugh

Unveiled earlier this year, Ascendance is a unique superyacht, imagined by British designer Andy Waugh, who teamed up with the German yacht builder Nobiskurg for this stunning project, featuring a jaw dropping exterior, with bold lines and a wonderful deck layout.

The Motor Yacht Design Company has also worked on the interiors of this project, making sure all accommodations and interior spaces will have even the pickiest guest impressed. Ascendance will come with a large swimming pool at the back, a helipad, a dramatic waterfall and even a lovely sunken fire pit, plus many other interesting details.

Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

Oceanco’s Stiletto Superyacht

Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

Designed by the British naval architect Ken Freivokh, Stiletto bears the signature of the world’s leading ship builders at Oceanco. This innovative 351-feet vessel boasts its own waterfall, while an impressive outdoor terrace, featuring an enclosed swimming pool, a cool bar and pantry, with cozy recliners and a helipad, are also part of the luxurious offering.

The breathtaking superyacht before you also includes a second swimming pool aboard, plus a modern gym, a spa, and a massive lounge – passengers will most likely want to stay aboard all the time. Wherever this vessel is going, it will look super fast doing so.

Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

The Eco Catamaran Concept

Designed by Rene Gabrielli, this breathtaking concept focuses on ecologic technologies and their use in getting clean energy from the elements. The Eco Catamaran concept will be powered by two electric turbines, powered by lithium batteries that will be charged from solar panels, but there’s more to it than just that.

The vessel’s alternative drive system also uses wind power to take this yacht to its destination, but the movable main cabin seems like a way more interesting feature. There are probably many other details worth talking about, but the future owner of this beauty will get to decide what exactly he (or she) wants on board.

Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts

Timur Bozca’s Black Swan

This incredible superyacht seems to come straight out of a James Bond movie. The stealthy Black Swan superyacht was designed by the brilliant Timur Bozca, who imagined a blacked-out beauty for the high seas, with a heart-stopping look.

Designed for those who constantly think about style, luxury and speed, this concept yacht brags about impressive features and state-of-the-art technologies. The helicopter platform on the top deck, the extended beach club with a lovely pool, a spectacular master suite, and six other guest suites, are just a few of this yacht’s stunning features.

The Black Swan will apparently benefit from 23,172 hp, which is why a 50,000-gallon fuel tank has been fitted. Ready for the hunt!

Most Expensive 2016: Outstanding Luxury Yachts


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