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Sotheby Unveils Never Seen White Diamond

Sotheby Unveils Never Seen White Diamond – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the brilliant team from Sotheby’s Diamonds are well aware of that. To celebrate the first anniversary of the company’s new Bond Street Salon in London, Sotheby’s unveiled an extraordinary 102.34 carat white diamond, that just might be the most incredible white diamond ever.

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Sotheby Unveils Never Seen White Diamond (1)

Flawless in more ways than one, this is the only known round brilliant-cut diamond over 100 carats out there, and it’s perfect in clarity, cut and color. The largest, round D color flawless white diamond, this precious stone has achieved the highest rankings officials have ever had the privilege of giving.

Sotheby Unveils Never Seen White Diamond (1)

Sotheby’s Diamonds retail boutique expects over $33 million for this staggering white diamond, and they might get even more considering that this is one of the most chemically pure and optically impressive white diamonds the world has ever seen. Did you know that it took six intense months for Diacore’s most experienced artisans to cut and polish the 425-carat rough stone?

A true testament to beauty, exclusivity and the impeccable savoir-faire of the specialists that made it what it is today, this diamond would have Bond villains break all laws and spare no effort in their goal to get this gem of exceptional clarity.

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