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Check out LUXXU: a brand featured in the next “Fast and Furious”


If you’re a fan of the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga than you know that luxury is one of the main keywords of the plot. What you probably don’t know about it, is that this time, a Portuguese luxury brand has its high-end products decorating the set. Basel Shows will be showing you more about this bespoke brand, its products and other relevant information.

LUXXU’s Empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was the start of a luxury journey stating itself as classic with a modern twist. Today, a new epoch unveils at LUXXU. Daring designs are symphonies created not only with one key object. Ambiences are an everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element. LUXXU now gives you the opportunity to create those ambiences. LUXXU uncovers a crucial Imperial complement, a Furniture Collection. Offering resembling noble materials and finishing’s where customization blossoms as brand capital. Be our guest and get inspired by the greatest collection of timeless pieces.

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The fans of the Fast & Furious films know all about the luxury cars involved. Now LUXXU  is proud to announce the brand has joined the race! Extravagant, bold and glamorous could describe the setting in which LUXXU’s lighting and furniture were featured. The pieces chosen for the Summer blockbuster’s set make a statement individually, but when combined create unique and ultra-exclusive ambiences, worthy of a Hollywood film.

The senses will be spiked not only by the cars and plot but also by the décor of the different sets, which includes LUXXU’s lighting and furniture. See below the products you can see in the set of the new Fast and Furious movie:

Empire Wall Suspension


The Empire Suspension gets its inspiration from the most iconic building in New York’s skyline. An exclusive lighting fixture made with one elegant layer of brass and a layer of crystal glass with an exuberant design ideal for all types of spaces, especially opulent clubs like the ones found on the Fast & Furious franchise.

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Tycho Floor Lamp


With an elegant and timeless vibe, the Tycho floor is the perfect complement for any setting! It’s a mix of old and new lines and surely looked amazing in the set of Hobbs & Shaw, complementing perfectly the vibe of the space

Empire Side Table


The Empire Side Table is a reinterpretation of the same design lines of the Suspension and the wall lamp in this set. Beautiful brass and marble table made to fit into extravagant interiors, this side table fits wonderfully in both intimate and opulent interior. It comes in two different sizes and looks just amazing in.

Prisma Side Table


Conveying a strong design, this geometrical side table is a handcrafted piece made with marble, wood, and brass. The luxury finishes grant it will serve its purpose – to bring exclusivity to any interior, transforming it completely!

Beyond Side Table


Boasting elegance, the Beyond Side Table is a strong design that features contrasting shapes and materials. A geometrical table made of marble, wood and brass, with luxury finishes. An exclusive side table that stands out in the set of Fast And Furious Hobbs And Shaw!


Did you like our post about this Luxury brand which will be featured in the Fast and Furious franchise? Will you be looking for these luxury pieces during the movie? Let us know in the comments!


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