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Thierry Stern About Baselworld’s Unique Experiences

Thierry Stern About Baselworld’s Unique Experiences – Baselworld 2018 by the eyes of Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe.

Thierry Stern About Baselworld's Unique Experiences (2)

“Baselworld is a time of very positive energy.”

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“ I always look forward to the future!” Thierry Stern talks about quality, the premieres at Baselworld 2018, and the new generation of customers.

Which premiere can be experienced only at Baselworld 2018?

Thierry Stern: The complete Rare Handcrafts collection is presented only during the show. These exclusive and unique timepieces are usually ready just in time for the opening of Baselworld. Thereafter, many of these timepieces leave our workshops for delivery, so the show offers a rare opportunity to see this amazing collection in its entirety.

How do you prepare for Baselworld 2018?

Thierry Stern: It’s always intense because everything is ready only at the very last minute, but it’s also a time of very positive energy for me and the entire team involved at the show.

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What does quality mean to you personally?

Thierry Stern: Quality means everything to me. It is one of our most important values, for us as a company. And for our customers, quality is an integral element of a watch.

Is there anyone in particular whom you would like to meet in your life? What would you ask him or her?

Thierry Stern: My future clients … let’s say, in 20 years, to talk watches with the new generations of clients, to see how they think and what they like, and to become inspired for future creations. This is my passion and I always look forward to the future!

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