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A look at the Impact and Influence of Michele de Lucchi

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Article originally posted on September 12, 2019


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Michele de Lucchi is definitely one of the legends of Italian architecture and design still alive both in body and in influence. Known for being a weight figure during the period of radical and experimental architecture, he’s also been the author of some of the most marking architectural projects the world has ever seen. Basel Shows will be showing you a profile of this incredible architect who definitely had a marking role in the industry he’s in.

All photo credits belong to Michele de Lucchi

Born in 1951 in Ferrara, Michele de Lucchi began taking his steps in the architecture area after his graduation in architecture in Florence. Among some of this man’s most marking experiences, we cand definitely point to the fact that he was involved with the period of radical and experimental architecture. He was involved in great movements of Italian design, such as Cavart, Alchymia and Memphis.


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Michele de Lucchi has also been very involved in several great conceptions in furniture design worldwide. Not only did he create many bespoke furniture pieces for many well known Italian and European companies, but he’s also credited for his restored buildings, as well as in the conception of many architectural projects for private and public clients.


He designed and restored buildings in countries such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland and in Italy for prestige companies which include Enel, Olivetti, Piaggio, Poste Italiane, and Telecom Italia, having successfuly redesigned both these the service’s environments and corporate images. In Italy, he’s been responsible for the conception of many marking buildings such as the Triennale di Milano,  the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni di Roma, Neues Museum Berlin and the le Gallerie d’Italia Piazza Scala in Milan.


Right now when looking up his name, you can find three projects associated with Michele de Lucchi’s name. There’s Produzione Privata, a small-scale company through which he designs products made using artisan techniques and crafts. Then there’s Amdl Circle, best known as his architectural studio, currently located in Milan. Lastly, you can also find micheledelucchiartworks, a webpage entirely dedicated to his incredible art.


The best way to define Michele de Lucchi’s architectural style, be it a huge building, or a simple wooden house, is that it definitely shows his tendency in his work of finding what he calls the “essentiality of the architectural style”. Not to mention the fact that his professional work has always gone side-by-side with a personal exploration of architecture, design, technology and many types of crafts.

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Today at the ripe age of 67, Michele De Lucchi is still going strong and leaving many marking design concepts. With such a long career there came some prizes, most notably, the Compasso d’Oro-ADI award in 1989 for the lamp Tolomeo, designed for Artemide, and in 2001 for the printer Olivetti Artjet 10. Aside from being a Professor in many Italian Universities, De Lucchi has also been awarded an Honorary Degree in 2006 from the Kingston University for his contribution to the “quality of life” through his work.


He has many of his works exposed in several museums, like for example the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris which has acquired a considerable number of his works, along with other relevant design Museums in Europe, the United States and Japan.



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