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Carre Lumière has some amazing luxury lighting for home decor

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Carre Lumière French marketplace for luxury lighting solutions meant for residential or commercial projects. It’s a good example of a company that shares an amazing knowledge of lighting and decor design. Basel Shows will be introducing you to this amazing online lighting market that is sure to bring a whole new shine to your decor.

Carre Lumière has some amazing luxury lighting for home decor
All image credits belong to Carre Lumière

Created in 2004, Carre Lumière is a marketplace that features the hottest and latest trends on lighting as well as décor design.  Seen as this company has been standing out through their knowledge on electricity and illumination since 1959 it’s no wonder that it ended up growing its knowledge throughout the years, always being in touch with the latest trends within many of the top bespoke brands of lighting design.

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Carre Lumière, in its own words, is an example of a brand that flirts with art and design. They showcase many objects which are part of selected furniture and fixtures, with the main goal of “looking for original designs, new trends in decoration, of beautiful materials and clean lines”. Among the brands that Carre Lumière has available within its market, we can point to names such as Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Kartell, Kundalini, among many others. 

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If you wish to have a look for yourself at the many options that Carré Lumière has available when it comes to lighting designs, we can point to its two showrooms. One is an 800 m² space located in Anthy-sur-Léman on Lake Geneva, while the other is a 1200 m² located in Ville-la-Grand near Annemasse, being a wide space where you can find many amazing lighting, contemporary furniture and decorative objects.

While you’re still here take a moment to inspire yourself with some amazing designs from France:


Did you like our article about the lighting furniture options you can find while taking a look at Carre Lumière’s marketplace? Which of these amazing luxury brands would you consider adding to your home decor? Let us know in the comments!


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