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Élitis: a French company with a special touch for fabrics

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Elitis is a French company known for its amazing work that has reached a worldwide level. Their business focuses on the production of wallpaper coverings, fabrics, accessories and rugs. Today on Basel Shows we will be taking a look at this company’s amazing works and showrooms.

Élitis: a French company with a special touch for fabrics
All photo credits belong to Élitis

Elitis’ best speciality has to do with their handling of fabrics, especially in regards to wallpapers, rugs and other types of special fabrics.   The company has been involved in more than one amazing project all over the world, and a little look at their pictures in their Instagram or Pinterest pages will reveal the quality of the fabrics they apply to any type of project.

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Élitis’ business may have originated in France, but it also has its work spread a little throughout the globe. They have an amazing and eccentric wallpaper made through the use of an innovative technology that allows them to present an amazing setting around every project. One visit to their webpage is all you need to find the largest selection of designs from wallpapers, wallcoverings, or even panoramiques.

The amazing wallpaper they apply to many of their projects give off either an amazing colour effect or show off some amazing illustrations or patterns that benefit the aura of the whole room. Be them wallpapers, wallcoverings, or even Panoramiques, you can find an amazing and varied collection by looking at their page. This is also a brand with a presence in France and two other cities: Milan, Berlin and New York

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One of Élitis’ showrooms is located in Paris, and it’s best defined as being a broad space which features an organized and luxurious ambience. It particularly features a modern style decoration, mixed in with a classic touch. Walking inside this showroom will allow you to feel the luxury ambience it transpires.

Another good example is the showroom they have in Milan, Italy. Similar in style and ambience to the Paris one, this space was opened to the public during the latest edition of Salone del Mobile 2019, for five days, welcoming all of the curious and interested people to take a look inside.

While you’re still here take a moment to inspire yourself with some amazing designs from France:


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