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Know 10 of the Best Interior Designers from France (PT2)

Discover the best interior designers from France that have been impressing all the interior design aficionados who are fans of more than one decor style. These designers stand out for their amazing capacity of establishing the most wonderful settings. Basel Shows will be bringing you part 2 of this amazing article.

Guillaume Alan

Know 10 of the Best Interior Designers from France (PT2)

Based in Paris and London, Guillaume Alan is a top French interior designer that is able to achieve the most luxurious and incredible settings. With a minimalistic yet stylish décor, every project is embellished with amazing pieces that are both comfortable and artistic.




Gosni Design

Gosni Design is a team of experts that are able to excel onto the interior design, through their capacity of staying true to their clients’ wishes. With its amazing process, every project is established with the most amazing custom settings. They focus on construction and interior architecture, decoration of living spaces, and design as well as the creation of custom furniture.


Moda International

Moda International is a recognized company that delivers an important selection of products, being able to balance the client’s own design identity within a home. This company is able to make every client’s come true, with the most amazing projects.


Elliot Barnes Interiors

Although he started his professional career in Los Angeles, Elliot Barnes joined forces with Andrée Putman, in her office in Paris. He went from project designer, partner, and finally director of the firm in 1997. In 2004 he founded the office of Elliott Barnes interiors, EBI to express his own pure and eclectic vision. The office works in France, Germany, Austria, Russia and Japan.


Benny Benlolo

Benlolo Architects Designers sits on a prestigious interior design company that features projects designed by Benny Benlolo. Located in the heart of Paris, the interior designer establishes every project with the inspiration of his hometown, placing a beautiful Parisian setting. By appointment, they meet, discuss and adapt projects to the stated expectations.

Rodolphe Parente

Rodolphe Parente stands out through the amazing work of interior designers such as Pierre Chareau, Gio Ponti or Carlo Scarpa. Having collaborated with Andrée Putman in Paris, he designs many projects, from furniture design to interior design, such as the redevelopment of the Morgans Hotel in New York. Rodolphe Parente develops his studio in Paris dedicated to interior architecture, furniture for exclusive projects.


Studio Catoir

Elisa and Michael are the core of the Studio Catoir brand. Having displayed a great number of projects, they focus on modern and coloured settings. Through that creative and eccentric process, they guide every client through every step of the way, reflecting their vision on the ambiences.

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Studio Rodinger

The Rodinger Studio it’s an interior design company that is dedicated to interior design, scenography and exclusive projects design, both residential and commercial. They stand out for the most amazing and diverse projects.


Selig & Renault

Selig & Renault, are a top French interior design company from Paris, that focuses on the excellence of interior design and decoration agency. They collaborate both with professionals and individuals for their most amazing projects, that reflect a luxury concept. They have worked on several projects such as houses, apartments, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, and many more.

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NellyRodi is a consulting agency in Business Intelligence and Creative, that’s located in Paris, Tokyo and New York. Their business focuses on the understanding of the clients’ standards, investment funds and institutions on their levers of desirability and performance.



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