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Milan Design Week: Did you miss ‘The Nature of Time’ by Grand Seiko?

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Among the highlights we have from Milan Design Week 2019, we can definitely point to the return of Grand Seiko to the Italian city with the wonderful presentation titles The Nature of Time. This amazing showcase was set held at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, from the 9th to the 14th of April during the main event.

Take a moment to enjoy some of the highlights of Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week: Did you miss 'The Nature of Time' by Grand Seiko?

The whole initiative was set as a tribute to the Spring Drive movement, that has its 20th anniversary this very same year. The creation by Grand Seiko consists of an innovative mechanism defined by precision and the smooth glide motion of the second’s hand.

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Thanks to Grand Seiko’s team of Japan’s cutting edge artists, in this exhibition the concept of the Spring Drive was brought to life in a visual sense, allowing visitors to enjoy a Japanese sensibility and beauty unlike any other watch brand has managed to accomplish. Inside the showcase, the participants could feel the smooth flow time provided by Grand Seiko’s conception.

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The event had the hand of Toshiki Kiriyama of TRUNK LTD. ( also the responsible for the production of Grand Seiko’s exhibition last year on Milan Design Wkk 2018), as well as from the contemporary design studio We+, and even from the computer graphics director Shingo Abe. The exhibition was mainly focused on two main keywords: “FLUX” and “movement.” 

“FLUX” portrayed the concept of continuous and gradual change over time, while “movement” presented some stunning visual computer graphic imagery made to represent the “perception of time” that is generated by the serenity of Spring Drive’s glide motion.

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The best way to sum up Grand Seiko’s The Nature of Time during Milan Design Week 2019 is that it was an initiative that for six whole days allowed the Poldi Pezzoli Museum to be filled by a wonderful and modern concept of Japanese aesthetics.


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