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You can’t miss Grand Seiko’s presentation at Milan Design Week


Milan Design Week is almost here and Grand Seiko is one of the main brands that will be returning to the event. They will hold a presentation with the theme “The Nature of Time”, set to be held at at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, from the 9th to the 14th of April during the main event.

Take a moment to enjoy some of the highlights of Milan Design Week 2019

The main focus of this exhibition set to happen during Milan Design Week will be on the brand’s Spring Drive. This contraption consists of an innovative mechanism characterized by precision and the smooth glide motion of the second’s hand.

You can't miss Grand Seiko's presentation at Milan Design Week

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With the help of a team of Japan’s cutting edge artists, this mechanism will be somehow brought to life in the exhibition happening during Milan Design Week. This showcase will consist of a series of installations that will allow visitors to enjoy a sensibility and beauty very characteristic of Japan. Not only that, but people will also leave this event with a clearer notion of Grand Seiko’s view regarding the nature of time.

It’s important to mention that this exhibition, set to happen during Milan Design Week, will also mark the 20th anniversary of this same mechanism. The event will be having the hand of Toshiki Kiriyama of TRUNK LTD. (who was also the responsible for the production of Grand Seiko’s exhibition last year), as well as from the contemporary design studio We+, and even from the computer graphics director Shingo Abe.

The exhibition hall will be enveloping visitors in a soft cocoon-like atmosphere, made with a “Koyori” washi paper. This delicate yet sturdy hand-made paper will be surrounding the corners of the hall and will make the conditions to allow the visitors to enjoy a uniquely Japanese sensibility and beauty.

The initiative for Milan Design Week will be focused on two main keywords: “FLUX” and “movement.” “FLUX” will be presented by We+ and it will portray the concept of continuous and gradual change over time. In order to obtain the effect that directly alludes to that idea, they will be using a special liquid. When a soft light is reflected on that same substance, it will allow its motion to be visible.

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The “movement” factor will be created by Shingo Abe, featuring some stunning visual computer graphic imagery made to represent the “perception of time” generated by the serenity of Spring Drive’s glide motion. This is sure to be a promising exhibition among many that are planned for this year’s Milan Design Week!

Grand Seiko has always been known as a luxury watch brand that pursued the true essence of time since its birth all the way back in 1960. They’ve managed to get closer to their goal through its subtle design aesthetic as well as their precision in every detail of every watch they’ve ever made throughout the years. Once again during Milan Design Week, they will have the chance to show an element that makes them unique among many watch brands.


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