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Voltex: an amazing French marketplace for top luxury brands

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Voltex is a good example of an amazing French marketplace that provides luxurious designer brands and high-quality pieces for interior design lover interested in finding some of the best top quality luxury furniture. Wanna take a look at some good examples of what you can find there? Then stick around and keep reading.

Voltex: an amazing French marketplace for top luxury brands
Note: all photo credits belong to Voltex

This French leading marketplace store shares a daily major selection in designer pieces that are an absolute must-have for your home décor. A little look around Voltex and you will be able to find a couple of bespoke furniture pieces, mainly focusing on lighting and upholstery. Despite being a major presence in France, more than one international furniture brand, as well as individual designers, can be found within this marketplace.

Some of the best examples you will be able to find with a simple search vary from the likes of Tom Dixon, Philippe Starck, as well as other luxury furniture brands, like for example Delightfull.

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From Tom Dixon, we can point to the Spring lamp, essentially consisting of three suspension lamps made from stainless steel blades. The curious part about this product is that it has a semi-transparent shape which can be adjusted to create various amazing silhouettes through lighting.

In the case of Philippe Starck, we can point to Zenith, a majestic Baccarat chandelier. This is an inspiring combination of modernity and crystal tradition with a brilliance only an experienced designer like Starck could accomplish.

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Another example we can show you from Voltex is this amazing Mid-century modern lamp (named Coltrane Wall Lamp) from  Delightfull inspired by the figure of John Coltrane. It’s a modern wall lamp with an up and downlight that creates a unique lighting effect, mainly thanks to the contrast between gold and black.

While you’re here take some time to feel inspired by some amazing French interior design examples:


Did you like our post about some of the products you can find at Voltex? Can you imagine one of these lighting products in your own home? Let us know in the comments!


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