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A look at the work of Gabriella Crespi showcased in Milan


Gabriella Crespi was one of the best and most influential designers in Italy, leaving behind a legacy filled with wonderful works of furniture, jewellery and sculpture even after her passing in 2017. This year, during Milan Design Week, Dimore Studio had a huge showcase in which they’ve presented some of Crespi’s top furniture in a showcase called Visioni decorated by piles of sand.

A look at the work of Gabriella Crespi showcased in Milan

Seven of Gabriella Crespi’s top furniture pieces were showcased across a number of rooms in an area that used to be the home of Dimore Gallery‘s founders Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. These seven furniture pieces were designed by the late artist all the way back in the 70s.

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Gabriella Crespi’s showcased furniture included a mushroom-shaped lamp, a geometric wall sconce,  and a number of bowls and tables, made from three materials: brass, bronze and lacquer. Some of her pieces that were present in that showcase that we’d like to highlight are classics such as the 1970s Fungo lamps as well as the 1980 Eclipse table, both of which bring back the charm and feel of those two decades.

There were also many pieces reissued for Dimore Gallery. Being big fans of Crespi, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran have approached Crespi’s daughter and manifested their desire to reproduce some of the works she designed. On her legacy, in declarations to Dezeen they’ve stated the following in regards to Gabriella Crespi’s work:

“We’ve always been big admirers of Crespi’s work and we’ve collected a few of her things. It’s so beautiful, it’s very chic and understated but also very timeless and glamorous,”

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Speaking of Dimore Gallery, probably one of their biggest highlights this year was the fact that they’ve launched their brand ‘Interstellar’. This consists of a new project that creates a new concept which blends into their usual and unique approach to residential, hospitality and retail projects.


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