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Omega generates buzz with the return of Caliber 321


The 50th anniversary of the first touchdown of man’s landing on the moon is almost here and Omega has some exciting news: its famous Caliber 321 movement is going to be put back into production this year!

Omega generates buzz with the return of Caliber 321

All the way back in July 20th of 1969 when Neil Armstrong walked out of spacecraft and stepped onto the lunar surface a certain companion was with him: the watch Omega Speedmaster ST 105.012 which was equipped with the Caliber 321, in order to keep it running in space.

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This Omega product was specially chosen by NASA for the U.S. space program. This watch had already been worn by other astronauts before, which made the brand the “official watch of NASA”.

Often known as the “MoonWatch“, the Omega Speedmaster ST 105.012 was the first of the Professional models of the brand. It can be recognized from its asymmetric case with a crown and pusher guard and since the moon landing mission, this watch became a legend among Omega enthusiasts.

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However, all the buzz comes from the return of Caliber 321, a part which had its fame solidified well before Neil Armstrong’s trip. This was also was the first caliber which was tested and approved by NASA to be worn by Ed White in his Speedmaster ST 105.003 watch during the first American spacewalk on June 3rd, 1965. This Caliber has been searched by many collectors since then.

The movement was brought back to life by a covert team under the codename “Alaska 11” (the name used for the secret Speedmaster designs for NASA during the ’60s and ’70s) which included craftsmen in the group. Either way this year just became more promising for Omega!

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