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A look at the quality furniture and jewlery by Frighetto Mobili


Frighetto Mobili is a 45-year-old company which has been manufacturing high-quality furniture and other amazing furnishings with the “Made in Italy” mark in its best. Today we’re taking a little look at some of the most amazing works that this brand has made.

A look at the quality furniture and jewlery by Frighetto Mobili
Note: all photo credits go to Frighetto Mobili

Frighetto Mobili has been around for quite a while, having suffered the effects of the passing of the decades since its creation. Dino Frighetto started working at a joiner’s workshop when he was only 12 years old, and when he was 16 he then took a decisive step which would define the legacy of this company: he created his own business.

Since then, this family-run business has suffered a significant expansion that lead to the creation of Frighetto Group (a group which includes the work of highly experienced master craftsmen) and also 4 Family Brand, which was entirely imagined, designed and custom-designed produced in the factory in Bassano del Grappa.

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For over 45 years Frighetto Mobili has created a legacy marked by know-how and expertise, as well as high-quality experience and amazing artisan workmanship. When it comes to carrying out the amazing craftsmanship work they have regarding Wood, Joinery, Carving they think in every single detail regarding their quality furnishings and furniture.

In regards to one of their quality craftsmanship techniques regarding decorations, they focus heavily on the little details. We can see the example regarding their Silver and Gold leaf decorations as well as sophisticated details which reflect a quality hand that Frighetto Mobili has been passing throughout their career.

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The showroom of Laboratorio Italiano is one of the best examples in regards to showing the very best of their high-quality craftsmanship. Walking inside one of these rooms is literally waking inside a palace filled with top quality luxury in every detail and every furnishing.


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