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Check out the new furniture collection by Studio Mumbai


Studio Mumbai is well-known for being a company sensitive to earth-bound materials as well as its unique approach to architecture. It’s no wonder therefore that they have teamed up with Brussels gallery Maniera to create another unique collection of furniture that we’ll be showing you in this article.

Check out the new furniture collection by Studio Mumbai
Photography: Jeroen Verrecht

This isn’t the first time that the two companies have worked together, seen as both Bijoy Jain (Studio Mumbai) and Amaryllis Jacobs (Maniera) have already launched a selection of pieces in Brussels in the year 2015. This time, this second collection presents 14 limited edition pieces that range from consoles to lights to chairs.

Photography: Jeroen Verrecht

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Once again, Studio Mumbai shows through this unique new collection that they have immense and precise attention to detail. In the words of architect Bijoy Jain, the company’s design work takes many “universal skills and distills them down to fundamentals”.

Photography: Jeroen Verrecht

This company definitely doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon, seen as Studio Mumbai has a schedule with projects in Japan and Europe that are already finished and is, therefore, setting up to take on a slew of private homes across India, a hotel in Nice and lastly a winery located in the South of France.

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Studio Mumbai has existed since 2005 and is known for the take that Bijoy Jain, alongside a vast team of architects, engineers, carpenters, and masons have been practicing. This company has a precise and delicate way of dealing with a variety of materials, from the hardest ones such as stone or brick to the softer ones like textiles, glass, natural pigments, and lime.

Maniera gallery is a Brussels-located company that commissions architects and artists to develop furniture and objects for varied uses. Created in 2014, this gallery has managed to establish a strong presence in the global market, tackling the areas of architecture, design, and art through their furniture products and other art items they’ve elaborated.


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