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A Look at the Best of Art Basel and Design Miami 2019!

The biggest art and design events of the year have ended with a series of marking moments. Art Basel Miami and Design Miami 2019 closed off the year in the best way possible, leaving us with incredible art installations, amazing design pieces and a dash of controversy as well. Basel Shows is about to let you in on the main highlights of the event.

The “Comedian” installation by Maurizio Cattelan

A Look at the Best of Art Basel and Design Miami 2019!

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Composed of a real banana attached to the wall with just one piece of duct tape, “Comedian” by Maurizio Cattelan for Galerie Perrotin at Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 showcases the artist’s characteristic commentaries. This is a satire to popular culture, providing an ironic commentary on society, power, and authority. Following the same line of America, an 18-karat gold toilet by Cattelan, this piece offers insight into how we assign worth and what kind of objects we value. The piece sold for $120,000 and was then eaten by performance artist David Datuna, in a performance he called “Hungry Artist”, creating the most talked-about moment of the event.

Atelier Marko Brajovic‘s Roots installation

A Look at the Best of Art Basel and Design Miami 2019!

The project was made in partnership with Tidelli and consists of a self-supporting aluminium branch system wrapped by nautical ropes. Inside, one can find a large rug and two traditional Amazonian hammocks invite visitors to settle in and reflect on our relationship with the environment.

Swell Wave bookcase by Andrew Kudless

A Look at the Best of Art Basel and Design Miami 2019!

Louis Vuitton brought big news for the fair, especially the Swell Wave bookcase, signed by Andrew Kudless. The furniture is the new Objet Nomade and marks the designer’s debut for the collection.


Espasso by Claudia Moreira Salles

A Look at the Best of Art Basel and Design Miami 2019!

This was the notorious winner of the Best Curio Booth at Design Miami 2019! This is a limited-edition lamp collection called Fine Tuning. It combines an exotic reclaimed woods abundant in rich grains and colours – such as rosewood and pine – with niobium, a rare metal that transforms chromatically without any added pigments.

Balenciaga Sofa

A Look at the Best of Art Basel and Design Miami 2019!

More than furniture, the sofa, resulting from the cooperation from Balenciaga and designer Harry Nuriev, is intended as a work of art that raises the issue of environmental responsibility. It encourages sustainable design practices, such as implementing programs that reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy.

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