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A look at “Hot Wire Extensions” collection by Studio Illio


Studio Illio design companies were one of the selected for the Design Switzerland exhibition during Milano Fuorisalone 2019. Their showcased collection Hot Wire Extensions is a good example of how the studio explores the boundaries between crafts and industry.

A look at "Hot Wire Extensions" collection by Studio Illio

The main concept behind Hot Wire Extensions consists of an idea which started as an investigation in the “model of nature” by taking a deeper look at its forms and structures. The products which are part of this collection can be seen as challenging towards alternative manufacturing processes and material uses and transforming line structures into solid bodies.

The process that Studio Illio uses in creating new shapes and objects is an interesting one. They first start by building the shape with thin nichrome wire, then proceed to place the created from inside of a box filled with silica and waste nylon powder of SLS 3D printing. After that, sand and nylon powder are fused in an electrical process that heats up both materials allowing them to fuse and create a solid shape around the wire.

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Made through 3D printing, the collection that was presented by Studio Illio at Milan Design Week 2019/Fuorisalone 2019 consisted of a stool, bench, and light made from this innovative process. The objects were set at Teatro Litta in Milan.

Among some of the highlights within the Hot Wire Extensions collection, we can point to the OSSO Light Series. It consists of a lamp that has a playful design to it thanks to the effects of the manufacturing process which also allows for bending the wires in the structure to loose knots with natural curves.

Then there are also the 12 stools by Studio Illio that also show a playful design made possible by the process used. The stools each have a distinct presentation and personality, either being playful with their curvaceous shapes or even having a more linear presentation.

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Studio Illio has been created by Royal College of Art graduates Fabio Hendry (born in Switzerland) and Seongil Choi (born in South Korea). Since then their work is heavily focused on furniture, sculptural objects and different settings of distinct installations.


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