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A look at 5 of the best Swiss Interior Designers (part 2)

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Swiss Interior Designers have also managed to conquer a lot of space in regards to the value of their quality worldwide, and today we’re continuing to explore some top names in that regard. This is Part 2 of our previous article in which we will be introducing 5 names within the best Swiss interior designers. Again, take this time to sit back, relax, and get to know a couple of top names among Swiss designers.

Moritz Schmid

A look at 5 of the best Swiss Interior Designers (part 2)
All photo credits go to Moritz Schmid

Product designer Moritz Schmid established his own studio in Zurich in 2008. Four years before he was working as a designer and project leader at Alfredo Häberli’s studio. Even to this day, he works across multiple design disciplines such as furniture, tableware and exhibition design for a series of clients. We can name a couple of them, including Atelier Pfister, Helmrinderknecht contemporary design gallery, Kvadrat, Museum of Design Zurich, and Röthlisberger, among many others.

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Postfossil’s work is based on three key factors: conducting material research based on an oil-less future. The second factor is related to production: Postfossil self-produces all their works, allowing them to retain the design essence as well as manage the production and distribution of their designs. Lastly, the third factor is engaging with the user and transmitting the Postfossil philosophy.

ADP Décoration

All photo credits go to ADP Décoration

ADP Décoration shares a major talented team that works in a gallery/studio, currently located in Geneva. This design studio has a heavy focus on the warm, luxurious and glamorous concept, having been able to please and create amazing spaces that manage to please any interior design lover. Alexandra de Pfieffer’s company has been featured in international design magazines among them being Elle Décoration France, and also AD Germany.

Jakob Schlaepfer

All photo credits go to Jakob Schlaepfer

Textile design and manufacturing company Jakob Schlaepfer was established in St Gallen in 1904 as an embroidery business. This company designs and produces around 3,000 types of textiles, all of which are innovative and vibrant. They also supply those same fabrics to haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion designers, where we can find some top-renowned names such as Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, and even Louis Vuitton.

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Adrien Rovero

All photo credits go to Adrien Rovero

Lastly, we have Adrien Rovero who creates works for high-end designer brands. His work is heavily inspired by his personal observations regarding the needs of his surroundings, and his design concepts are, all in all, considered to be uncluttered and efficient through the effective use of shapes, materials and functions. Among some of the top names he has worked for we can point to Hermes (France), Pfister (Switzerland), Nanoo (Switzerland), Tectona (France), Cristallerie Saint-Louis (France), among many others. His work is recognized a little around the world with many of his pieces being displayed at international galleries and permanent museum design collections.



Did you like this article about 5 of the best Swiss Interior Designers? What do you think about the work of these amazing designers? Would you be looking forward to a part 3 of these series of articles? Let us know in the comments!


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