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h2light SA: Let’s have a look at some of their lighting design


h2light SA is a Switzerland based company which is always coming up with new amazing lighting concepts in accordance with the needs of each client. What makes their products special? The fact that they’re designed by combining LED, OLED and Nanotechnologies.

h2light SA: Let's have a look at some of their lighting design
Note: all photo credits go to h2light SA

With a career of more than 25 years of experience in this field, h2light SA is composed of a design team which advises each client in accordance with each individual’s needs. Their goal is to bring amazing interior and exterior spaces to life, all of which are planned in accordance with the client’s tastes.

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The director and founder Mr Vincent Lasprovata has carried out several projects in diverse and varied fields such as luxury hotels, master villas, stage lighting or even large industrial buildings. He created h2light SA in 2011 with the goal of providing his clients with the greatest flexibility, responsiveness and creative autonomy.

As you can see by the images that we are showing you throughout this article, regardless of the area in which the interior design project is applied, h2light SA is successful in the creation of some of the most amazing lighting installations that one will ever see in a lifetime. Not only that, but they also have a specialized service in which they advise the clients in regards to the choice of a lighting installation, accompanying them in their choice through processes such as a plan view or even a 3D preview. Among their potential partnerships, we can count enterprises such as Linealight, Prolicht, Targetti, Domoticoncept, among many more.

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Regardless of the lighting style, h2light SA successfully manages to create some amazing scenarios with the use of several lighting styles. Whether they’re installing an amazing lighting installation on the lobby of a hotel, hanging a lamp in either a shop or an industrial area, or setting up special lighting effects for outdoor areas, h2light SA comes off as a company that can be quite versatile in their design achievements.


Did you like our post about h2light’s amazing lamps? Can you imagine one of these styles in your own interior design project? Let us know in the comments!


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