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Meet Zahava: a jewelry brand with roots to the past

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Zahava was one curious jewelry brand launched during the Summer of the past year. It defines itself as a brand with a focus on a minimalistic style of heritage-driven symbolism, which we can definitely see in all of their gold tokens.

Meet Zahava: a jewelry brand with roots to the pastFun fact: “Zahava” is the Hebrew term for “golden”. This brand really knows how to take advantage of rustic gold indeed. The crafted tokens, minimal atlas necklaces, and cryptic “wisdom rings” can be all customizable.

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Meet Zahava: a jewelry brand with roots to the past

Jessica Hendricks Yee, the brand’s creator stated to COOLS that her jewelry pieces set “a link for something symbolic, something much bigger”. While the symbolism of jewelry is often overlooked, we can definitely see influences from Yee’s Jewish culture mixed with Chinese culture due to her husband’s ethnicity (Chinese).

Meet Zahava: a jewelry brand with roots to the past

Yee reveals that this “culture collision” got her thinking during her wedding. “It got me thinking a lot about some of the symbols and traditions that have been passed down through generations, through so many people for thousands of years, and the power of that.”

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Meet Zahava: a jewelry brand with roots to the past

So Yee decided to mix this line of thinking with her love for graceful botanicals and celestial imagery which resulted in the imagery prevalent in Zahava’s jewelry pieces. What was intended was the mix of centuries of tradition and personal identity, into one wearable trinket.

This is obtained by mixing elements such as a peacock, or an olive branch, or even a star symbol into a pendant. All the tokens were made to resemble, in Yee’s words “another time and place, a visual from the past.”

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