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Baselworld brings together the greatest jewellery and watch industry

Written by: Rui Zarro

Baselword is almost here! From March 18th to 26th, visitors will be given a unique overview of everything the industry has to offer: new collections, creations and innovations.

Held annually in Basel Messe, Basel, Switzerland the event attracts over 1,460 of the leading companies from all over the world and 150,000 visitors from 100 countries.

basel world 2015-basel shows-Basel-Stand1

basel world 2015-basel shows-Basel-Stand1


Baselworld is the most important meeting point for the watch and jewelry industry. Jewelry,  watchmaking, stone’s exhibitors and other related marks, present their innovations among the trade visitors. Visitors at Baselworld will find a wide range of selected products in a luxurious setting.

baselworld basel world 2015-basel shows-baselworld-pasquale-bruni-set

Many renowned manufacturers in Watch and Jewellery exhibit their products exclusively at Baselworld. They offer the opportunity to see the latest creations exclusively in Basel. The selection of showcased products in Baselworld is unique; nowhere else we will find products from around the industry together in a single event.


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basel world 2015-basel shows-5-million-luxury-watch-sets-new-records-baselworld



From all over the world watch and jewelery curators converge place at the fair, stock up on the most exotic collection of diamonds, pearls, gemstones, designer and antique jewelry and watches and the most fashionable chronograph. Bringing together the greatest players in jewelry and watch industry and trading business, this event provides a platform for the exchange of professional expertise, helping companies to make profitable deals with international players and borders.

basel world 2015-basel shows-Basel-Stand1

basel world 2015-basel shows-Basel-Watch-Hall

basel world 2015-basel shows-Graff-Basel-Stand

basel world 2015-basel shows-Messe_Basel

baselworld 2014_basel shows


Constantin Wild presents the finest coloured gemstones. In his premium collection ‘more than just rare’, he offers some very special treasures of Nature, many of them far rarer than diamonds: imperial topaz, aquamarine, demantoid, mandarin garnet, tanzanite or sapphire. Besides that, Constantin Wild provides the whole range of highest-quality gemstones: for jewellery lovers, collectors and investors.

basel world 2015-basel shows-constantine wild

how-daily-snapshots-constantin-wild_basel shows

Kunzit-Kristall-constantine wild-baselworld-basel shows

In 2014, more than 1400 exhibitors used Baselworld as a presentation platform for their products and services. With their trade show exhibitors occuping 141,000 square meters, more than 120,000 people visited the show to learn about new products and trends.

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