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Robert Couturier: one of the most Amazing Designers in France

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Meet Robert Couturier, an incredible interior designer that stands out for its most amazing projects. The designer made history in 1987 when the billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith trusted him with the re-conception, execution, and continuous embellishment of Goldsmith’s 20,000-acre kingdom on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Basel Shows will be introducing you to the amazing French interior designer.

Robert Couturier one of the most Amazing Designers in France
All photo credits belong to Robert Couturier

Robert Couturier is a prestigious interior designer that impresses and continues to do so, through the constant innovation of the interior design world. He has already taken over the United States, as well as Europe, South America and Russia. His name has been included in Architectural Digest’s prestigious annual list of the best decorators and architects in the world, has become synonymous with continental and international style. He surrounds himself with constant challenges and he’s able to achieve them successfully because “there is no time that is no less challenging than another, challenges are all different and all get overcome in different manners. Every morning you wake up hoping for no problems and they all come no matter what always in an unexpected way”.

Robert Couturier one of the most Amazing Designers in France

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His talent for design began in Paris, during his attendance at Ecole Camondo, still inspiring on incredible experts such as Renzo Mongiardino, Frank Gehry, Charles LeBrun, Serge Roche, Robsjohn Gibbings, Robert Mallet Stevens, Jean Michel Frank, and many others. During his learning process, he found the love for design, due “to the opportunity to know people, and make them happy where they live”. For the designer, he realizes that “we are all different and have different approaches to life and our surroundings which gives us many opportunities to change and be as fresh as possible. Every day is a different challenge bringing surprises and joys and sadness and disappointments”.

Robert Couturier one of the most Amazing Designers in France

Being completely aware that everyone is different, with different approaches, Robert Couturier knows that every interior project must be completely adequate to the architecture, to the clients and to the setting within. To feel absolutely fulfilled with his work, the interior designer must have “happy clients. There is nothing more satisfying than a family living happily and proudly in a place you have designed”. So, his main goal is to guarantee the client’s satisfaction at 100%, creating stunning settings that are able to impress you at its maximum.

The best way for every potential client to discover his work, according to the designer, it’s definitely “word of mouth, not that publications do not help but they support the choices a client makes rather than determines his choice”. Through the traditional and effective method of the word of mouth marketing technique, he makes sure that he achieves his client type which is “couples in their forties, men in finance, ladies raising children but leading active lifestyles“. So with that audience in mind, it’s a certainty that he makes his goal to impress cosmopolitan clients, which means that he looks for people that live in the city, that are certain of what they want in life. “We are doing city apartments and second and third homes as well” – it’s a typical event for this certain kind of public.

Robert Couturier one of the most Amazing Designers in France

The designer has established himself in the history of architecture and design books, and of course got the opportunity to lecture at galleries and at arts and antique fairs, and participates in charitable and design-industry events. His work has been featured in such publications as Architectural Digest, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Town and Country, the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, House and Garden, the Robb Report, and Elle décor, and has distinguished the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Showhouse, Decorator Show House, Hampton Designer Show House, and the French American Designer Show House.

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Robert Couturier one of the most Amazing Designers in France

Inspired on the rich interiors in which he spends his childhood and youth, Robert Couturier commits to creating amazing settings, that can function as comfortable, as well as perfectly luxurious, establishing amazing and sophisticated ambiences. He focuses on creating spaces that share the most incredible trends. According to the designer “the trend is generally to large spaces light and airy; there is infinitely less focus on entertaining. Creatively things are getting simpler more monochromatic and more textured, forms softer and rounder”.

Robert Couturier one of the most Amazing Designers in France

When it comes to artistic/design collaborations with other artists, Robert Couturier is absolute certainty that he gives “full credit to those who design objects or furniture for me. If there is a meaningful collaboration we both get credit”. On his creations, he takes the opportunity to present his design identity, admitting that “quality still belongs to French craftsmen, there is a tradition of excellence there that makes what is produced perfect”. The designer also believes that the interior design world will be filled with “more green products with a focus on environmental concerns and cruelty-free as well”.

Robert Couturier one of the most Amazing Designers in France

Robert Couturier sets an amazing tone for the absolute sense of connoisseurship and exploration of the traditional landscape, because he’s “always working on new projects, as well as current ones, and finished ones that require refreshing”. That is one of the reasons why Couturier is one of the best interior designers in this competitive world, although he “would have loved to have had a PHD in literature or history”.


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