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RDAI Paris: know more about the Hermès Showroom in Hong Kong


RDAI Paris is the main responsible for the interior project in Hong Kong, the Hermès Showroom. The design project for this new store, located at the crossroads of Ice Street House and Greetings Road, Hong Kong, became an amazing spot for the fans of the brand. Today Basel Shows will be taking you on a little trip to Hong Kong with the purpose of having a look at this amazing bespoke luxury place.

RDAI Paris: know more about the Hermès Showroom in Hong Kong
All image credits go to RDAI Paris

Founded in 1972 by Rena Dumas, the RDAI France is an architecture and design agency well-known for their versatility. This design firm, led by Denis Montel, is responsible for the architectural structure and interior design of the new Hermes at Landmark Prince’s Central. They are recognized by their versatility, giving always some massive luxurious touches throughout every space.

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The building team of RDAI France managed to create an architectural project influenced by the great lines of the local architecture. The futuristic style of the building shows off an aluminium front coloured in copper that expresses the rhythm and the verticality of bamboo as a material.

The interior design, on the other hand, is based on materials such as lacquered wood, copper, stucco, marble and steamed metals, all of which were based on warm colours. The use of these types of materials changes the perspective of any types of buildings. This is a good example of one of the goals that RDAI Paris had in regards to the look of this building, particularly on the inside.

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On the floor, there are two different textures, a mosaic on the ground floor and a bamboo floor on the rest of the showroom. Visitors can still find carpets made of bamboo fibres in some corners within the shop.

While you’re still here take a moment to inspire yourself with some amazing designs from France:


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