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A look at the inspiration behind design projects of Vincent Garré


Vincent Darré is a name that reminds many people of a variety of keywords regarding his interior design work and inspiration. “Fantasy” and “surrealism”, are probably the two main keywords used to define this man’s work and legacy that fascinates many interior design aficionados. Basel Shows will be inspiring you today with a couple of amazing design works made by this amazing French designer.

A look at the inspiration behind design projects of Vincent Garré
All photo and project credits go to Vincent Garré

Famous for his Baroque Creations, Vincent Darré is known for being an interior designer with an inspiration full of fantasy, and surrealism. He is definitely one of the trendiest designers ever seen in the contemporary age, having some of the best interior projects ever seen with unique shapes and colours that almost feel like they have a soul of their own.

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Darré’s work is best defined through an improbable mix of textures, colours, and patterns. He manages to obtain some of the most surreal design combos which end up turning each project into something dashing, unique, and, most of all, totally surprising!

Part of the reason why Vincent Darré’s work is as unique as shown by the images we’ve used in this article has to do with the fact that in the past, the designer worked in prestigious brands such as Chloé, Fendi, Prada, Montana, Moschino and even Yves Saint Laurent. Fashion has been a weight factor in his work, something that he carried with him in order to create unique furniture and decorative objects.

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Among one of his most famous design works is the Ossobucco collection, which consists of a series of chairs that have their backs invertebrates and are presented alongside tables with feet in the shape of a human femur. We can also mention the Dalí water collection that comes with octopus walls and a hairdresser.

All in all, Vincent Darré is a designer that approaches his work with a unique blend of humour and poetry regardless of the medium. He’s known for blending his own designs with flea-market finds. A story that always pops up in regards to that is when the French designer bought a couch at a discount because he learned that a prince was allegedly assassinated on it.


Did you like our article about the work and inspiration behind Vincent Darré’s design works? Can you imagine one of his interior design projects or furniture decorating your own household? Let us know in the comments!


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