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See the marvellous luxury world inside of Covet Paris


Covet Paris is more than just a showroom in Paris: it’s a unique interior space that can be viewed as a playground that every interior design lover will surrender to. Let’s unveil this luxury filled space in order to discover all the incredible things this brand has to offer.

See the marvellous luxury world inside of Covet Paris
Note: all photo credits go to Covet Paris

Covet Paris, like many other showrooms of luxury furniture brands or interior designer studios, has the ability to create a bridge between the furniture brands, reaching a variety of artists, creators, and designers. Through the action of networking, visitors are easily able to navigate through many design sets, all of which present the potential of every piece on display.

Covet Paris functions as a live showroom inside which you can see the actual piece for yourself on a real decor setting. Thanks to this move the task of choosing the perfect and ultimate piece for creative projects turns revealingly easier. Inside you can have a look at over 1600 products and 1250 inspirations, represented through many different styles. If you’re still feeling a little lost, the showroom also has an expert that will guide you through the full collections as well as help you in regards to figuring out what you like and also what might suit your home decor.

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Covet House contains a variety of bespoke brands such as PullcastBRABBUBoca do LoboRug’SocietyMaison ValentinaEssential HomeLUXXUCircu and Delightfull. These brands are from more than one type of luxury furniture design brand, all of whom show off amazing and carefully worked-on craftsmanship.

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So if you’re looking for a decor style that has a minimalistic vibe, a modern touch or even a classic and/or rustic concept, Covet Paris may be of your liking. The brand has the incredible ability to fulfill an individual’s dream without restricting him or her to a specific type of style.

While you’re here take some time to feel inspired by some amazing French interior design examples:


Did you like our post about some of the amazing luxury products you can find at Covet Paris? Can you imagine one of these bespoke pieces in your home decor? Let us know in the comments!


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