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Swiss Luxury Amphibious Car: Rinspeed’s sQuba

Cars have for too long been shackled by the limitation of driving strictly on land. Likewise, lonely lakes everywhere have longed for a rip-roaring supercar to submerge, and explore their aquatic depths.


One brilliant man, has made those two non-conscious entities’ dreams a drivable reality. Frank Rinderknecht is not just a man with an overcomplicated last name with too many consonants in it, he is also the boss of Rinspeed, and it was his vision that made the Rinspeed sQuaba car a swim-able option for car lovers everywhere.

Luxury Amphibious Car: Rinspeed's 'sQuba'

The Swiss designer originally designed the car to look like the car drove in the 1977 Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore.

Luxury Amphibious Car: Rinspeed's 'sQuba'

The sQuba has the appearance of a luxury supercar for the elite driver, however it has the ability to scoot through water at a depth of 30ft  at 3 mph. Yes, the car moves slower than if the driver where to just get out and swim, but the concept is fabulous nonetheless.

Luxury Amphibious Car: Rinspeed's 'sQuba'

Styled as a convertible for looks, and safety, Rinderknecht designed the car open-aired so that the driver and passenger could escape if necessary. ‘”For safety reasons, we have built the vehicle as an open car so that the occupants can get out quickly in an emergency,” said Rinderknecht, 52.

Luxury Amphibious Car: Rinspeed's 'sQuba'

While the design is safe, it is not ideal for those executives who are not interested in getting their suits wet. Also, as the first submersible car, the luxury automobile is not cheap. Ticketed at $400,000, the car costs less than a Rolls Royce, but does not offer the sort of practicality and awesomeness one would expect from a diving car.

Luxury Amphibious Car: Rinspeed's 'sQuba'


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