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What you should know about Art Basel

Art Basel is an Art Show for very high quality modern and contemporary art. And is being held annually in Basel (Switzerland), Miami Beach (launched in 2002) and Hong Kong (since May 2013). Art Basel provides a platform for galleries, museum directors and curators, helping them to find an international audience of collectors. It is more a cultural event founded in 1970 by Basel Gallerists. Each year, the event welcomes over 280 exhibitors and 30.000 visitors, Those numbers are rising constantly. Marc Spiegler, the Director of Art Basel since 2007 developed the organization globally. This show marks the reunion of the international art world in Basel, that has been a cultural capital for many centuries by then.

baselshows-What you should know about Art Basel-Art Basel

baselshows-What you should know about Art Basel-Switzerland

Normally the show is divided into eight sectors : Galleries– we can experience numerous paintings, drawings, installations or sculpture, Feature – usually include the individual artists, Statements– presenting solo project made by young and talented artists, Edition-showing work of leading publishers, Unlimited, Parcours, Film and Magazines.


ART BASEL in Miami Beach

This event is without a doubt the most comprehensive international contemporary art fair in North America with galleries from 31 countries. Held in December, It draws more than 70.000 art dealers, artists, collectors to this magical place. To the first fair attended 16.000 people and it was selected as an ideal second destination at the nexus of North America and Latin America. The authorities are trying to make the art fairs in Miami Beach more accessible. With Miami home to impressive private collections – The Marguilies Collection at the Warehouse, the de la Cruz Collection and the Rubell Family Collection – they open their doors to the public at varying hours at the Miami Art Week.

baselshows-What you should know about Art Basel-Basel Miami


baselshows-What you should know about Art Basel-Ocean Front

baselshows-What you should know about Art Basel-Miami Beach




This annual art festival is one of the biggest in Asia, held in Spring. Hong Kong is a perfect place, because it has a perfect reputation for being international – merging two cultures – Western and Eastern into one.


baselshows-What you should know about Art Basel-Basel Gallery

It attracts more than 65.000 artists, collectors and gallerists. Also, it hosts a series of conversations and talks on a range of subjects, including understanding art from a geographical and historical perspective.

baselshows-What you should know about Art Basel-Basel Show

The first edition of the Hong Kong Art fair took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from May 23 to May 26, 2013.

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