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Outstanding Skyline sculptures with more than 5000 pieces

These amazing art pieces were made of what most people see as not very useful material: scrap wood.The Philadelphia-based artist James McNabb has carved thousands of pieces of scrap wood and carefully placed them together to form a vast city skyline. The wooden skyscrapers, made in different shapes and sizes, look remarkably like the Manhattan skyline in New York City.


The collection, totals a staggering five thousand individual buildings also includes a huge ‘city wheel’ – which is almost five feet high. And the artist explained how the idea came about.


‘I grabbed a piece of scrap wood from the bin, and without thinking, made some cuts. In a few minutes the piece started to look strangely familiar, like a screwdriver or a mini skyscraper. I grabbed another piece of scrap wood, and made another object – this time, it looked like wrench, or a table leg. In the next hour I made 15 more – I stayed up that night and worked until morning. In 24 hours I made more than 200, all intricately different from the next.”

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Then James discovered that he was making city objects and produced this amazing sculptures. This is very good example that we must be willing and able to make something out of nothing. What an incredible job!

article-0-17277F52000005DC-975_964x632 james-mcnabb-city-sphere-scrap-wood-sculpture-4 jamesmcnabbthecityseries3

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