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Art Basel 2015: Discover Parcours

Art Basel 2015 show’s sectors allow visitors to explore the many dimensions of Modern and contemporary art including museum-caliber paintings, sculptures and classical photography, as well as works of an outsized scale, precisely curated projects, and site-
specific artworks and interventions woven throughout the historical districts of Basel.

Parcours is the sector which engages the city’s historical quarters with site-specific sculptures, interventions, and performances by renowned international artists and emerging talents. Parcours is curated by Florence Derieux and is open to the public.

Each year, Parcours seeks to engage with a different area of the city of Basel, and this year will take place around the Münsterplatz area near the Basel cathedral.Parcours is open to the public and free of charge.




The full list of Parcours projects are:

Alexandra Bachzetsis
Gold, 2004
Meyer Riegger (Berlin, Karlsruhe) and kurimanzutto (Mexico City)
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Augustinergasse 2

Davide Balula
Painting the roof of your mouth (Ice Cream), 2015
galerie frank elbaz (Paris)
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Atelier, Schlüsselberg 5

Art Basel 2015 Discover Parcours_Adriano Costa

Adriano Costa
International Division of Labour – 2, 2014
How to be Invisible in High Heels, 2014
Mendes Wood DM (São Paulo) and Sadie Coles HQ (London)
Museum der Kulturen Basel, Münsterplatz 20

Art Basel 2015 Discover Parcours_Alicia Framis

Alicia Framis
Habitación de libros prohibídos (Room for forbidden books), 2014
Galeria Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid)
Basler Münster, Konzilssaal

Piero Golia
Untitled (Evil exists where good men do nothing), 2005
Bortolami (New York) and Gagosian Gallery (New York, Beverly Hills, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Le Bourget, Paris, Rome, Athens)
Basler Rathaus, Marktplatz

Tobias Kaspar
THE STREET (NYC 1995), 2015
Galerie Peter Kilchmann (Zurich)
Scala Basel, Freie Strasse 89

Alicja Kwade
Der Tag ohne Gestern l – lll, 2014–15
303 Gallery (New York), Galerie König, Berlin (Berlin) and kamel mennour (Paris)
Basler Münster, Kreuzgang

Nate Lowman
Multicolored tow truck, 2010–12
Massimo De Carlo (Milan, London) and Maccarone (New York, Los Angeles)

Michaela Meise
Im Kreis, am Kreis (Chelsea Kramer and Portraits), 2013
Galerie König, Berlin (Berlin) and Standard Oslo (Oslo)
Gymnasium am Münsterplatz, Münsterplatz 15

Jonathan Monk
Covered Motorbike, 2013
Lisson Gallery (London, Milan, New York, Singapore)
Corner of Rittergasse and St. Alban-Graben

Vik Muniz
Mnemonic Vehicle (Ferrari), 2015
Pace (New York, London, Zuoz, Beijing, Hong Kong)

Ciprian Mureşan
untitled, 2015
David Nolan Gallery (New York)
Basler Marionettentheater, Münsterplatz 8

Peter Regli
RH No 256, Travelling Snowman #01, 2007
Art: Concept (Paris)
Mittlere Brücke, Eisengasse 1

David Renggli
Reclining Nude, 2014
Galerie Peter Kilchmann (Zurich)
Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt, Martinskirchgasse 2

Ugo Rondinone
the gracious, 2015
Gladstone Gallery (New York, Brussels) and Galerie Eva Presenhuber (Zurich)

Yves Scherer
Little Mermaid, 2015
Galerie Guido W. Baudach (Berlin)
Dreizackbrunnen, Münsterberg

Lara Schnitger
Suffragette City, 2015
Anton Kern Gallery (New York) and Stuart Shave / Modern Art (London)
Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement Basel-Stadt, Münsterplatz 11

Alyson Shotz
Imaginary Sculptures, 2014–15
Carolina Nitsch (New York)
Multiple sites

Daniel Silver
Rock Formations, 2014–15
Frith Street Gallery (London)
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, St. Alban-Graben 5

Philippe Thomas
Chiat/Day/Mojo – readymades belong to everyone ®, 1990
Jan Mot (Brussels, Mexico City)

Art Basel 2015 Discover Parcours_Blair Thurman

Blair Thurman
Widows’ Walk (A Coat of Arms and/or Tails for a Whale), 2015
Gagosian Gallery (New York, Beverly Hills, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Le Bourget, Paris, Rome, Athens) and galerie frank elbaz (Paris)
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Augustinergasse 2

Art Basel 2015 Discover Parcours_Francisco Tropa

Francisco Tropa
Observatoire d’insectes, 1996
Galerie Jocelyn Wolff (Paris)
Alte Universität, Rheinsprung 9




Guided Tours
Available in German and English, Thursday through Sunday at 5:30pm.
For reservations visit the Guided Tours desk in Art Basel Hall 1 entrance, or the Parcours sector Info Point on Münsterplatz. Free 30-minute guided tours available on Saturday, June 20, from 2pm to 6pm; limited capacity, please register at the Info Point.

Download Parcours Map

To purchase your ticket please click here.

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