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Once Upon a Time by Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre

Limited Edition Collection Boca do Lobo

Once Upon a Time is the latest luxury design project created from a partnership between  Boca do Lobo and Vista Alegre. This product is limited to only eight copies resulting from the specialized work of both Portuguese organizations.

Once Upon a Time by Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre

The main star of this partnership if the Pixel Cabinet, Once Upon A Time, which was conceived with the intention of paying homage to the combination of design and craftsmanship. This cabinet was even named as one of the 500 best pieces of furniture in the world.

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This time this Cabinet emerges fully covered in porcelain, specifically with a total of 1088 triangles, all of them painted individually with floral drawings in tones of blue, green, yellow, pink among others. Somewhere on some of the triangles if one looks closely they may be able to find two Chinese mythological birds (known as the Chinese Phoenix) somewhere in some of the triangles. This reflects the art in porcelain that Vista Alegre is well known for.

Once Upon a Time by Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre
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The new design of this product includes a slight change in the base, having brushed steel incorporated into it. The inside of the cabinet shows some elegant finishes in blue suede and mirrored glasses.

Once Upon a Time by Boca do Lobo & Vista Alegre

Boca do Lobo is a well-known design Portuguese brand which has managed to accomplish global recognition, while Vista Alegre also has customers from all around the world with their exclusive porcelain pieces. Once Upon a Time is an exclusive example of what happened when design ideas are combined with porcelain art.

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