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A look at some good examples of the influence of Italian Design

Italian Design is without a doubt a vehicle of influence and inspiration to many furniture and interior design brands worldwide. With Milan Design Week approaching today we’ve decided to have a little look at some good examples of how this country continues to be quite the influence in the arts and crafts of many organizations around the globe.

Where it all began: the Legends of Italian Design

A look at some good examples of the influence of Italian Design


We’ll start by mentioning two particular Legends and Icons that Inspired and Kickstarted the Growth of the Italian Design Industry. One of those legends recently left us in 2019: we’re talking about Alessandro Mendini,  one of the Fathers of Modern Italian Design. During his long prestigious career, he helped shape the incredible industry of Italian Furniture and its amazing Craftsmanship StyleGio Ponti was also part of the Modernity Movement of the Italian Design! With their powerful and unique style, Ponti and Mendini will always be remembered as the Founding Fathers of Modern Italian Design.

These two Italian design icons helped elevate the Design Industry in this country and in Milan city. However, we couldn’t continue this article without mentioning other relevant design icons, namely Achille Castiglioni, Gae Aulenti, Joe Colombo, Franco Albini, Mario Bellini, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Enzo Mari, Carlo Mollino, Carlo Scarpa or Marco Zanuso! Italy’s Design History as a whole is rich in Design Influences and Amazing Creators. It’s not by chance that the country became one of the Top Design Markets in the World.

The Luxury Brands that reflect the Italian Style 

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These days, Italy is home to some of the biggest Luxury Design Groups in the World. Many of the current Italian furniture brands are the refined result of years of Italian Design Style and Progressive Refinement provoked by some of the biggest and most talented designers and creative minds in all of Italy!

The luxury basis of top brands like Fendi Casa, Roberto Cavalli Home, Missoni, Seletti, Kartell, Baxter, Bugatti Home, Armani Casa, Versace Home, Porada, Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Flexform, B&B Italia or Molteni can all be traced to the same origin: Italian Craftsmanship and Italian Classic Furniture Style.

Every single one of the brands mentioned above, as well as many others that focus on Italian Design, get their inspiration from the biggest Italian Craftsmanship Ideas, Art and Inspirations! They embody the Italian Design Style and the values of Italien Furniture that are based on Elegance, Luxury, Craftsmanship and Durability! If Gio Ponti and other Masters of Design didn’t inspire or collaborated with these brands, there wouldn’t be a Fendi Casa or a Poltrona Frau as we know them today!

Two good examples of the Italian Influence in Europe

If you’re paying attention, then you know that Italian Design is one of the main sources of inspiration for the world’s industry of Interior Design. It’s almost impossible to find a Top Brand or Designer that never showcased a project that doesn’t have a slight touch of Italian influence!

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One good example of this is a brand quite well-known worldwide. Take for instance the incredible and late Zaha Hadid that clearly got some inspiration from the modern architectural lines created by Gio Ponti in Italy! Her design brand mimics the same style and we can perfectly envision any Zaha Hadid piece in a modern Italian villa!

Another example of Portuguese Design Values that clearly were mixed in with Italian Design Inspirations comes from the luxury brand Boca do Lobo. With a high focus on craftsmanship, this company provides glorious pieces that combine craftsmanship techniques, values and inspirations with some luxury and opulent style. It’s a combination of three main factors: Art, Design and Craftsmanship.

A good example from Boca do Lobo that combines the best of Portugal and Italy is without a doubt their stunning Fortuna Dining Tale! Or even any of their luxury safes with distinct styles and perfect for the safekeeping of jewels and other precious items.


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