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Paris Design Week 2019: Know what to expect in the city!

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Until September 14th, the city of Paris is the heart of Paris Design Week 2019, the absolute universe of Maison Et Objet. This incredible event breaths design and art everywhere throughout Paris, and it’s open to every design aficionado. It sits on 10 days of pure ambience dedicated to design, art, fashion, culture, and celebration of design! Basel Shows will be letting you in on a couple of essential events that you’re still on time to attend during this week.

All photo credits belong to Paris Design Week

Paris Design Week concentrates 5 districts, with hundreds of events, 200 places, 9 itineraries, and a lot of enriching talks, that are filled with design knowledge. Until September 14th, the complete universe of Maison Et Objet in Paris is on the spotlight, and it couldn’t be more exciting to be there and watch it all!


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Paris Design Week decided that this year’s theme should be “Hybrid”, a concept that is able to transcend and transform the way one could percept the interior design world. It mainly sits on the ability to combine many different elements, serving as an innovative source of inspiration and new experiences. It provides a prism through which you can observe objects, furniture, and spaces and act to influence them as part of a quest for versatility.


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The event is on its last days, however, you are still well on time to attend a couple of incredible events. You can still have an opportunity to go to the Ground Control for the exhibition of the Le Syctom, in order to see the finalists of the zero waste design contest 2019. If you attend this event, you can not only meet designers but also participate in DIY workshops for zero waste leisure.
If you happen to be in Paris either in the 13th or the 14th of September then you can’t miss the chance to spend an evening with Campari. The Red Galleria will open during these two days from 6 pm to 11 pm. Head down to 8 Rue Popincourt for some drinks and laughs, but don’t forget your reservation!



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