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Scala Wohnen Studio: a look at their work regarding design projects

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Scala Wohnen Studio consists of a German design studio that has had the chance of working with some of the current best luxury design brands in the industry. Not to mention the fact that they have an amazing interior design studio located in Hamburg, inside which any design enthusiast can find a variety of furniture and design items to their liking. Today Basel Shows will be venturing through the inside of this amazing design studio that already has an amazing portfolio up its sleeve.

Scala Wohnen Studio: a look at their work regarding design projects
All photo credits go to Scala Wohnen Studio

Scala Wohnen Studio is a design company that, in their own words, lives from the mélange of divergent styles, materials, structures, shapes, colours, and lights. Whenever they have a new interior design project in their hands, they draw on international collections, obtaining products with high craftsmanship standards, that are obtained by working alongside a variety of specialized professionals: artisans, artists, galleries, that provide limited editions and unique items.

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The goal of this company is to create what they call a “sensual, haptic experience” regardless of the type of space they take. Scala Wohnen Studio has worked with the manufacturing of kitchens and bathrooms as well as developing innovative concepts for offices, restaurants, and other types of spaces.

They do this through the conception of many colours and patterns meant for walls, floors and home textiles. Not to mention the fact that Scala Wohnen Studio has a weight partnership to their advantage: many of their projects have had unique glass pieces by Lucio Bubacco,  Lobmeyr, Rotter glass and other decorative elements made with Nymphenburg porcelain.

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Inside the Showroom of Scala Wohnen Studio (currently located in one of the best streets in Hamburg), any visitor will certainly find a lot of inspirational design ideas based on many styles of trendy contemporary design. Not to mention the amazing bespoke furnishings and lighting designs on display that will make any design fan wish that they have that incredible home decor.


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Maison Valentina E-Book 100 Home Decor Ideas
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