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Quincoces-Drago: a full Luxury Experience in Interior Design

Quincoces-Drago & partners consist of a full architectural and design studio specializing in luxury retail, hospitality and residential spaces. This specialized company from Milan is an incredible example of a unique take on interior design as a whole. Basel Shows will be showing you how this company manages to have its outstanding success.

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Quincoces-Drago & Partners is an architectural and design studio which was established in 2008 by David Lopez Quincoces. The team would end up having a valuable addition with the entrance of Fanny Bauer Grung in 2013. This duo currently leads the offices in Milan, Italy and Madrid, Spain and their design gallery, Six Gallery in Milan.

“We bring up dialog, strategy and design in order to achieve our clients target. We are a team of designers, architects, graphics and 3d artists that produce all our work in-house.” – Quincoces-Drago website

Quincoces-Drago & Partners have a special touch for making each individual respect a certain space for what it is (whether if it has a specific heritage or not) as well as to help heighten the visitors’ awareness of such a space. They obtain the last point through the manipulation of elements such as light and natural materials that give a timeless aesthetic to the interior display of each project.

With each project that comes their way, the main aim of Quincoces-Drago is to create harmonious environments that give a unique sense of belonging to everything in it. This effect is directed not only to the hosts of the home but also to those visiting it. The point is to never obstruct the spatial sensations of a specific location: its original genius loci.

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One fun fact about Quincoces-Drago: both David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung are the current curators of SixGallery. It consists of a space that aims to combine design from different times and origins without any type of boundaries. There are many pieces shown that that can vary from collector pieces to anonymous ones. The displays within this gallery are meant to tell a tale of an ever-changing space and aesthetic. You can find several pieces of seating, glasswork, tables and lighting.


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