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Meet the Work and Philosophy of Genevan designer Jorge Cañete


Jorge Cañete is the perfect example of a person who has a multicultural background. Being Genevan of Catalan and Andalusian origin, fate would eventually lead him to devote his life to interior design. Having a unique career in luxury products aligned with a sharp sense of beauty, thanks to his talents for interior design manifested through 3D, he definitely managed to make a mart within the industry thanks to both his talent and his philosophy. Basel Shows will be introducing you to a little about the work and mindset of this bespoke interior designer.

Meet the Work and Philosophy of Genevan designer Jorge Cañete

Jorge Cañete started giving his first steps into this area when he graduated from the course of Interior Design from the London Metropolitan University. After that he went through many architectural projects in several architecture studios located in the cities of Rome and Geneva. These past experiences were the launchpad for the launching of his own studio titled Interior Design Philosophy.

Meet the Work and Philosophy of Genevan designer Jorge Cañete

Interior Design Philosophy is the perfect example of a studio with a unique philosophy in the approach to customers. One of their main keywords is “Serendipity”, which means “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”. In other words the studio has the tactic of, according to their homepage, “finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it”. The projects bear a heavy inspiration from factors such as the environment, the location, and also the client’s personality, starting the whole process as a “white page” in which the story and values of the client will be written.


When asked about what he loves most about his work, Cañete points to the contact with people, due to the fact that he has the habit of defining his job as a “mirror” that has to reflect the personality and emotions of the clients, seen that they are the main source of the inspiration for his work. When it came to the matter if he has achieved everything he wanted in his life Cañete gave an answer thinking about what expects him further down his career path.

I always say that what is important is the future, the most beautiful projects are those that I have not yet realized, new people to meet, new places to discover…

Meet the Work and Philosophy of Genevan designer Jorge Cañete

Right now the Genevan designer along with his team are working into finishing a villa in Spain located in the region of Extremadura. The project at stake is based on the history of the town within the location, Trujillo, known for having been the place where the majority of conquistadors from Spanish history were born.

The types of clients that search for the services of Interior Design Philosophy were described by Jorge Cañete as the types of people who are seeking for an emotional, narrative and a sort of poetry in their interior design projects. More specifically they are the type of people who look for an interior decor and interior that narrates who they are. However, for Jorge Cañete communication is definitely one of the main factors behind his success with clients:

Communication is done through the publications of project in international magazines, awards or books (the studio has been featured amongst the top 100 designers worldwide in the book “Interior Design Review” by Andrew Martin for 11 years in a row), but the best advertising remains word of mouth. In order to dedicate all our energy and attention to detail we take on few projects per year.

Meet the Work and Philosophy of Genevan designer Jorge Cañete

Thanks to his unique take on interiors, Jorge Cañete has an alternative proposal for his clients, introducing a little poetic vision of the world by mixing in modern and classical elements. Some of the main keywords for Interior Design Philosophy are areas such as art, poetry and philosophy. Curiously enough, when asked about what he believes are the top trends that are currently dominating the interior design industry from a creative perspective he admitted that “trends” are not really the main topic that comes to mind.

I don’t really follow trends, what matters to me is the emotions of my clients and their values because they are timeless and always true, which is not the case with “trends”…

Meet the Work and Philosophy of Genevan designer Jorge Cañete

In the final steps of the interview, Cañete has manifested hope regarding the future of interior design. From his point of view the human and emotional side are two essential elements that definitely must always remain the centre and the heart of each interior design project. And for him, the work of craftsmen is essential in that sense.

In a world that is becoming more and more standardized, it is very important to work with craftsmen who will propose unique pieces, pieces with a soul… Along with the work of artists, it is the only way to ensure that interior design remains emotional and unique…


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