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Top 7 main brands you can’t miss at PAD Genève 2019

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PAD Genève 2019 is right around the corner and there are many promising brands you have to check out if you happen to be in Geneva in the next few days. Here’s our list of the top 7 brands you have to check out!

Patrick Gutknecht

Top 7 main brands you can't miss at PAD Genève 2019Ever since he opened his gallery, artist and designer Patrick Gutknecht found an opportunity to express his passion for decorative arts as well as photography. In this space, you will find furniture, lamps and art objects from the 1920s to the 1960s as well as photographs from names such as  Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Cedric Delsaux or Willy Rizzo.


Top 7 main brands you can't miss at PAD Genève 2019

This is yet another art gallery in Geneva, opened by Lionel Latham, and specialized in the decorative arts of the 20th century. Inside you can find a variety of jewelry, ceramics, metal and tapestry collections among many other styles of collections.

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Phoenix Ancient Art

Phoenix Ancient art is the holder of many rare and exquisite antiquities. This galley exists in Geneva and New York and both of them have many pieces that are from the Mediterranean region and western and central Asia.

Top 7 main brands you can't miss at PAD Genève 2019

Hom Le Xuan

Top 7 main brands you can't miss at PAD Genève 2019

This brand is specialized in three different areas: furniture design, landscape gardener and interior design. When it comes to the furniture design Hom Le Xuan prefers to create an unusual balance between strong materials and clean lines, which creates a minimalistic yet elegant final product.

The Beautiful Watch

Top 7 main brands you can't miss at PAD Genève 2019

The Beautiful Watch is a watch seller with lots of prestige watch brands at their stock. This brand’s main countries of activity are Switzerland and France despite their business being conducted mainly online.

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Todd Merril

Todd Merril has been acclaimed for his eclectic, yet glamorous, mix of twentieth-century design in the objects produces. The pieces conceived are best defined as groundbreaking, dynamic and unique standing on a thin line between art and design

Syz Art Jewels

This Jewelry brand created by the hand of designer Suzanne Syz has a contemporary take on many conservative jewels. What’s remarkable about Syz’s work is not only the fact that she pays extremely close attention to detail and has a remarkable style of craftsmanship, but also her ability to mix traditional gems with other materials such as titanium, gold, and enamel.

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