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Christian Dior VIII Grand Ball Collection

Dior decided to unveil the new Dior Grand Bal watched at Baselworld 2015 and their style, elegance and a little bit of mystery match perfectly with their Haute Couture style season for Fall 2015 – their watches look like the Beautiful Garden of Earthly Delights.

Baselshows-Christian Dior VIII Grand Ball Collection-Dior

The latest Dior watches that joined the VIII Grand Ball collection are dressed in sumptuous, haute couture ball gowns and look like a piece of very high fashion. In fact their watches surpass the category of fashion accessory – they are something much more, much bigger, much more beautiful. The famous French designer who revolutionized the feminine fashion, the silhouettes is a master of creating shapes and volume from fabric. To turn it into an advantage when it comes to watches it’s not an easy task. Thanks to its Swiss movements however he can manage it pretty well.

Baselshows-Christian Dior VIII Grand Ball Collection-Grand Bal

We would like to call them the “high Jewellery watches” or “haute couture watches” because those names suits them perfectly. This year at Baselworld we could see “A ball gown must be the one of your dreams, and must also make you a dream-like creature.” Said Christian Dior in the days where balls were still prevalent affairs. The Dior VIII Grand Bal Pièce Unique Envol watches not only swirled, but mesmerised us with their stunning iridescent dials and vivid geometry. The phosphorescent green on the dials was obtained from the wings of scarab beetles and set using the delicate technique of marquetry decoration. For a more formal ball gown, the Dior VIII Grand Bal Fil d’Or watch in black ceramic and rose gold features a filigree gold thread and diamond rotor set against a black lacquered dial twinkling with diamonds. The Grand Bal Résille is also dressed in a black or white ceramic and steel case with a diamond studded rotor gleaming like a delicate fishnet swinging above the inky black or snowy white mother-of-pearl dial.


Baselshows-Christian Dior VIII Grand Ball Collection-Christian Dior

Christian Dior VIII Grand Bal ‘Plisse Soleil’ :

Baselshows-Christian Dior VIII Grand Ball Collection-Pliss Soleil



In a limited edition of 888 pieces each, the Dior VIII Grand Bal ‘Plisse Soleil’ timepieces boast a scalloped silvered dial to emulate the sun’s rays, topped with a translucent cobalt blue lacquer. We can choose between the deep burgundy or blue alligator straps, or the stainless steel bracelet.

Baselshows-Christian Dior VIII Grand Ball Collection-Dior's collection

Now, aren’t they simply astonishing?


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