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A guide to Basel’s most exquisite museums

Are you coming to Basel and want to know which Museums you should go? Well you find the right article, here you will find the most exquisite museums there is in Basel.

1. Fine Arts Museum ( Kunstmuseum Basel )

It has one of the largest art collections in Switzerland, containing works of most famous painters such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, Leger and some of the works of the German expressionist painters. The museum it also owns the largest collection of works of The German Holbein family. Its Renaissance collection is represented by the works of Konrad Witz,  Mathias Grünewald, Lucas Cranach, Martin Schongauar and others. It is ranked among the most visited museums of Switzerland.

Kunstmuseum1 Kunstmuseum2

2. Fondation Beyeler

This elegant museum, located 15 minutes outside of Basel in the suburb of Riehen, was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. It houses a world-class collection, assembled over half a century by Basel’s pre-eminent art dealer Ernst Beyeler. It is notable, among other things, for a permanent collection of works by color-field painter Mark Rothko and a vast nymphéas (water lily) painting by impressionist master Claude Monet.

Fondation Beyeler1 Fondation Beyeler2

3. Museum Jean Tinguely

This Museum is the home for most of the art of the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely mand other similar “kinetic” modern Artist. The machines can be activated by a switch or button but its best to go no a not crowded day, that way you can have the chance of interact and observe the creations.

Museum Jean Tinguely1 Museum Jean Tinguely2

4. Schaulager

Home to the collections of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, the Schaulager is a contemporary arts space specially for exhibitions. The former warehouse was recently transformed into a museum. The Schaulager is well spread over three floors with  3 massive exhibition rooms, a meeting room as well as auditorium which has played host to numerous concerts, acts and social events.



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