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Brown Safe, keep your secrets protected within these luxury safes and vault doors!

You are a man of taste and means. Where do you keep your stuff? Luxury consumers often embark on an ‘acquisitional journey,’ starting with simple-to-desire items such as expensive clothes and cars, to more exclusive items such as boutique shoes and watches. Given that there is a market for every taste and every need, this path to possessions fortunately (unfortunately) never ends. Don’t you feel better knowing that there is someone, somewhere thinking about producing that next thing you don’t even know you need until they help you discover it? The world just keeps offering cool stuff to consume.
Each person with means and the items it purchases needs a safe place to store their loot. With the help of Brown Safe Manufacturing you going to be able to keep your secrets and all the stuff that you consider valuable protected within these first class safes and vault doors!|

Brown safe - Vicespy
Brown safe – Vicespy

Founded in 1980, Brown Safe Manufacturing has grown into the premier safe and vault company providing worldwide security solutions.
Its Manufacturing is the preeminent builder of innovative, rugged, and luxurious safes and vaults.
Brown safe can offer you a wide range of safe features and costumizations such as safe finishes, lock type, optical security features and also optional luxury features like Neck lace rack, mirror, pulls, light, winder, handel and pedestal.

Brown safe - Pink pearl

Brown safe Limited Edition – Pearl & Pink safe

Safes have been around for a long time. The iconic image of hidden wealth stored for later pleasure is the treasure chest. It was a lock box that those with means carried around with them to store their most valuable possessions. This turned into the more permanent “vault,” which later became popularized by bank safes and vaults. A few decades ago, the safe became mainstream as fire safes entered the market for mass consumption. These safes have the primary goal of protecting the contents from fire, but not per se, theft. Eventually, safe makers loosened their own definitions of safety and started blurring the meaning of security and fire safety into one product. Videos on YouTube for example depict how most consumer safes can be pried open in under two minutes with a crowbar and minimal other tools by even a child. The safe isn’t as secure as we once thought them to be. That is unless you buy the right safe.

Brown safe - Chronos

Brown safe – Chronos

In the watch industry, safes have most recently been combined with watch winders and other hobby “furniture” Brands such as Doettling, Buben and Zorweg and more recently Boca do Lobo (Private Collection) have transformed the stalwart safe into a bona fide high-end lifestyle item. No longer something to hide in a closet or behind a false wall, they made the safe a beautiful piece of furniture to be flaunted – complete with built-in stereo, humidor, and whiskey cabinet. These companies helped make the safe itself a luxury item – in addition to the items it was meant to store.

Boca do Lobo - BaronBoca do Lobo – Baron

Buben & Zorweg - Python V8 Collector
Buben & Zorweg – Python V8 Collector

Boca do Lobo - MillionaireBoca do Lobo – Millionaire

Doettling - Colosimo
Doettling – Colosimo

Boca do Lobo -  BohemeBoca do Lobo –  Boheme

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